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3 Essential Features to Add to Your Smart Security Camera System


Modern Technologies for a Safer & Smarter Home

Homeowners choose to install security cameras for many reasons. Some are frequently away from home or own multiple properties. Some folks worry about their kids while they’re at work, while others have experienced a break-in in the past.

Whatever your reason may be, the only way to ensure peace of mind is to install a fully integrated system that covers your entire property.

Old security systems presented many weak points and blind spots, like the lack of motion alerts on traditional CCTV cameras. But, just as the rest of our technology has advanced, today’s home security is much safer and more effective with the latest devices.

As a home security installer based in the Murfreesboro, TN area, we recommend all of our clients incorporate the following three features in their smart security camera system. That way, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your house is protected.

3 Essential Home Theater Features You Shouldn’t Forget


Proper home theater design includes accounting for more than just your TV and speakers

Whenever you sit down to watch a movie in your home theater, the most obvious elements of the experience are your TV and sound system. But for the absolute best in entertainment, you have to think about more than just the quality of your screen and speakers. Other room features have a significant impact on how you and your guests feel as you watch.

With that in mind, we have a special blog for residents of Brentwood and other nearby parts of Tennessee. We’ll walk you through three crucial traits to remember when you’re thinking about home theater design.

3 Surveillance Applications You Hadn’t Thought Of Yet


Get creative and take full advantage of these surveillance solutions!

The importance of a robust home surveillance system is widely known to most homeowners. You can keep your much-needed peace of mind by knowing your Nashville-area property is protected, and high-definition security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property. But that’s not where the benefits of a surveillance system end! 

Keep reading our blog to learn three unique applications that will allow you to protect yourself, family, and property in innovative ways.

A Control4 Dealer’s Guide to Smart Home OS 3


Everything You Need to Know About Using Control4’s Upgraded Operating System, Now with Video Support!

Maybe you’ve considered upgrading your Control4 system to the new and improved Smart Home OS 3, but you won’t be convinced until you see how it works. Or maybe you’ve already invested in the system, but you’re still a bit new to it and need a useful resource to reference later. We’re convinced this blog will help you in either scenario.

As a Control4 dealer deeply familiar with Control4’s new operating system, we’d love to showcase how to use OS 3’s greatest features so using it in your Brentwood, TN, home feels more intuitive.

The Best Uses for Your Outdoor Audio Video System in the Fall


Check Out the Activities Best-Suited for the Cooler Outdoor Weather

As the fall weather begins to grow cooler these next few months, you might think that means your outdoor hangouts and summer movie nights are over. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

The kids might be returning to school and your schedules might be shifting, but there are more opportunities than ever to take the fun and entertainment outside to your backyard and patio.

And with an upgraded outdoor audio video system, you can utilize your outdoor spaces this entire season. We’ll go through the top activities and events you can host in your Nashville-area backyard, and how your A/V features will elevate each of them.

Keep reading below to find out more about the benefits of this all-weather, year-round solution!

Brighten Your Home Through Professional Residential Electric Services


Explore the Possibilities for Your Home’s Lighting Installation

One of the most important aspects of any home is its lights. They can set the right mood, keep your family safe and add a “wow” factor – whether from the fixtures themselves or from the way lights can accentuate artwork or architectural features of your property.

If you’re looking to upgrade the lighting fixtures at your Tennessee home or you’re in the process of building a new house, you should consider a lighting installation company that can help you through the entire process – from assisting with product selection to fixture installation to configuring the controls for those fixtures to even assisting with electrical issues down the line.

No matter what type of lighting solution you’re searching for, whether it’s for one room or an entire house, Symspire can handle every one of your lighting needs.

In this blog, we’ll explore the basics of our residential electric services and explain how we can assist with any lighting installation at your property in the Franklin area.

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Enjoy This Smart Home Security Offer!


Our XTLplus System Is Fast, Simple, Secure – And on Sale!

As the Franklin, TN-area’s choice for smart home security, Symspire vets all our technology partners carefully to make sure you’re getting an exceptional product and value in every installation. That’s why you can depend on DMP Alarms’ XTLplusTM wireless security system to provide professional security that will keep your family and home safe.

The system comes custom configured with everything you need today and is scalable to handle any home innovations you plan later. If you’re looking for a complete home security suite that includes monitoring, remote access and more, XTLplus can help. Keep reading to see what you can get from this solution and why now is the perfect time to invest.

Essential Elements for a High-Performance Home Theater


When building a home theater, there are a few central pieces of equipment you’ll have to consider. Audio, video and control systems characterize every home theater installation, so we’ll start by talking about your vision for those components.

Our team at Symspire knows that making your dream theater come to life involves many hours of wiring and heavy lifting, and we’d love to help. We’ll walk through your home and assess the proper brands and products for your lifestyle needs. As you see what we create for you, you’ll love envisioning long, winter days in your new favorite room: Add your family, friends and favorite snacks, and the setup will be complete.

So, what are the essential elements you need for the ultimate home theater installation at your home in the Franklin area or elsewhere in Tennessee? Find out below.

Expand Your Entertainment with Outdoor Audio Video


Take Your Media Outside the Home with These Outdoor AV Solutions

You’re accustomed to having easy access to media from anywhere in your home, and your outdoor spaces should be no exception. You want to listen to music when you’re relaxing outside or having people over for a summer barbecue, and gatherings for summer sports events are more enjoyable when people can watch from an open-air patio and take in the beautiful Tennessee weather.

Outdoor audio video presents installation challenges that can make it an intimidating endeavor for homeowners, but the experts at Symspire have helped residents of Thompson’s Station and throughout the state of Tennessee expand their entertainment systems for years.

Read on to learn the best practices for outdoor audio video to ensure that you have a reliable, long-lasting system that meets your demands while withstanding the elements.

Get Ready for Spring By Bringing Your Home Audio Video Outdoors


You Can Transform Your Backyard With Outdoor Speakers and TVs

Summer will soon be upon us, which means it’s time to get your Nashville-area backyard ready for outdoor entertaining. If you’re looking for the perfect addition to your patio or deck this spring, an outdoor AV system makes hanging out by the grill or pool that much more fun.

Outdoor speakers keep the party going no matter where you or your guests are hanging out, and outdoor TVs let you enjoy your favorite movie, show or sporting event as you relax with a cool drink. Today, we’ll look at how you can expand the home audio video system of your Nashville, Tennessee property to include the outdoors.

Here’s What a Smart Home Company Really Does


What to Expect from a High-End Smart Home Installation

Smart homes aren’t a work of science fiction or fantasy; and your smart home doesn’t have to look like an ultra-modern spaceship. Homeowners are already enjoying the luxurious convenience of smart home systems that blend into their house’s interior seamlessly.

Imagine tapping “Good Morning” on your phone and watching lights turn on, shades rise, and the thermostat adjust automatically. Your coffee pot can even start brewing! It’s all possible with a comprehensive smart system. One can buy ‘smart’ devices like a video doorbell or voice-activated speaker, but it isn’t a truly smart home without a central hub connecting them all.

We share below what a smart home company does to create the best experience possible for your Gallatin, TN lifestyle. 

Introduction to’s Home Surveillance Features: What to Know

SYMSPI_March-2019_Blog1_Home-Surveillance_FranklinTN_PHOTO’s Powerful Video Monitoring Features Bring You Peace of Mind

Surveillance cameras are a powerful tool for any security-conscious homeowner. Not only can they help you keep an eye on what’s happening outside of your property, but they also can allow you to keep track of what’s going on inside your house while you’re away from home, as well.

Equally important when selecting the right surveillance cameras for your home is making sure that you also are selecting the right platform to control, view and store your camera footage. And one of the most powerful security tools available to you is a live video monitoring service from Today, we’ll look at’s home surveillance features and show you all that they can do to keep you and your loved ones safe at your house in the Franklin, Tennessee area.

Let’s Look at 4 Common Surveillance Camera Types!


Which Fixture Fits Your Surveillance Camera Installation Needs?

When you start looking for surveillance cameras, you might be overwhelmed by all the options, especially with all the new technology available today. You’ll see a plethora of camera shapes and models that can get confusing if you don’t understand the unique advantages of each, or where to place them to protect your home.

Fortunately, Symspire is here to help you decode popular types and how to best use them in a surveillance camera installation. We’ll take away the guesswork out of four popular cameras: the dome, bullet, turret, and point-tilt-zoom, and the ideal placement for each. By the time you finish this blog, we expect you’ll think of a place for each type somewhere on your Franklin, TN, property.

Minimize Your Worries This Holiday Season


A Symspire Security System Ensures Your Home’s Safety While You’re Away

With the bustling holiday season coming up, it’s possible that you’ll be leaving your home for extended periods of time. As you visit friends and family – whether here in Tennessee or across the country – knowing that your house is left empty and unattended can be a stress on your vacation.

Don’t let your property’s safety be a concern for you during this joyful time with your loved ones. With a top-notch and local security and surveillance company like Symspire on your side, you’ll know without a doubt that your house is taken care of while you’re away.

Keep reading below to see how our smart security system features and technologies can keep your home in the Franklin area secure while you and your family celebrate this time together.

Revamp Your Home Theater Installation, CES 2019 Style!


Deck Out Your Entertainment Room With The Latest Technology!

We always enjoy writing blogs around the annual CES exposition, and this year’s show in Las Vegas might just be the most exciting one yet! We look forward to telling you everything we’re learning this year because if we help you implement any of the technology we’re about to discuss, the home theater at your property in the Nashville area will never be the same.

We’re delving into voice control, new TV technologies, innovative audio and many more highlights from CES. Keep reading to see some of the home theater installation updates we are paying attention to for your Tennessee home.

How Symspire Helps Our Clients With Residential Electric Services


We Do More Than Just Smart Home Services and Security

Though many of our discussions on our blog revolve around services such as security and surveillance, smart home automation and home audio video, did you know that Symspire also takes care of day-to-day residential electric services to enhance your Tennessee home?

Why is this important? Proper electric wiring serves as the baseline for all your home’s electrical capabilities and protects your home from unexpected costs and future repairs. That’s why we believe it’s vital that your home’s electricity is configured correctly, especially if you plan to add more wired installations later.

Electricians recognize the parts of your home that most people will never see and understand its inner workings. Our electricians have been trained to notice potential problems before they begin to protect you and your family. We’re famous for our attention to home security, and we bring that passion to every project, including electrical services. Keep reading to see what we deliver to clients like you in the Hendersonville area and beyond.

Take Care of Your Home Network Before the New Year!


Have you ever settled into your home after a long day of work, hoping to binge-watch your favorite TV shows? Maybe you understand the frustration of the following scenario: Just as something exciting or amusing happens, the streaming service freezes, and you have to wait for your internet service provider to fix your network.

Unfortunately, this does happen when homeowners lack the secure network they need to keep up, but our network installation services provide a more permanent solution than an internet service provider can give you at your Tennessee home in the Spring Hill area or beyond. We’ll explore the importance of a secure network in this blog, including an aspect that installation professionals don’t discuss nearly enough.

The 2 Types of Homes That Need a Residential Electric Contractor’s Help


Plus, How Brentwood’s Top Professionals Can Impact Your Home’s Safety and Functionality

A professional electrical infrastructure is key to a high-functioning and safe smart home. All the flashy features that comprise an integrated home often take precedence over the humble wiring, but don’t overlook your home’s “smart” foundation — whether you’re building or upgrading!

Symspire’s expert residential electric contractors know the ins and outs of both the electrical side and AV side of the job – so you only have to call one trusted source for any need that arises. Symspire can assist with your electrical needs if you haven’t implemented smart home technology yet.

Though every home could use a professional’s opinion when gauging electrical needs, two particular types of homes need updates more urgently. Curious? Read on to see if you own one of the home types we discuss below!

The 4 C’s of Control4


Why Is This Innovative Solution the Secret to Your Whole Home Automation?

Whether you’re new to the Brentwood, TN, area, or hoping to upgrade a home you’ve lived in for a while, whole-home automation can turn everyday living into a luxury experience. The industry has a few top-name integrated home options and countless DIY tools, but nothing we’ve found rivals the user experience and comprehensive functionalities of Control4, and we’re about to reveal why.

When you collaborate with a certified Control4 dealer like Symspire, you take advantage of our expert guidance on technology and solutions for your Brentwood, TN home. Ready to find out more? Check out the four C’s of working with Control4!

The Beginner’s Guide to Alarm Monitoring Services


Is Professional Alarm Monitoring Right for Your Home? 

When mobile alerts were first introduced to security technology, it was a complete game-changer. Surveillance footage was no longer used only as evidence to provide to the authorities or insurance claims. Now, incidents could be caught in real-time, preventing theft, damage, and loss.

With smart notifications, if unusual activity is detected on your property—like a stranger lingering in the driveway after dark or a leak in the basement—your phone will be instantly notified with a message. From there, you can open your security app and view a live video feed, then assess the situation. 

But what if you miss the notification? The incident will go unnoticed, and by the time you see the alert, it’s too late to prevent any damage. And what if you need to focus on work at the office, and can’t be checking your phone every time it vibrates? 

That’s where alarm monitoring services come in. Professional services handle the monitoring for you, so whether you’re away on vacation or at work, you can focus on your day without worrying about what’s going on at home.

We frequently cover tips and advice on alarm monitoring services in our home security blog. To learn more about security monitoring for your Murfreesboro, TN home, read our handy guide and expand on each topic below! 



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