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Introducing Our Franklin, TN, Showroom!


Don’t Miss Your Chance to See Our Immersive, Walk-In Demo Space

Our growth-oriented team at Symspire is always looking to expand, and sometimes that means opening a brand-new showroom! We are now welcoming guests into our interactive, walk-in experience center in Franklin, TN, featuring our top-selling, highest-rated brands.

We are proud to announce our new Franklin experience center is in the Cool Springs area at 9100 Carothers Parkway, Suite 107. The showroom is open to the public, with no appointments required.

Here’s what Symspire’s Tom Lundborg, Jr., Partner, has to say about this new experience center: “Our new Cool Springs Experience Center is invaluable for consumers to see the latest possibilities in security, smart home, as well as fast, managed, home networks and audio-video technologies. They can easily understand and make accurate decisions on what options will enhance their lifestyle. When it comes to home technology, seeing, hearing and touching is crucial to fully understand and make the best decisions. When our new clients leave, they know what they want and what to expect after our technicians complete their installation.”

What Architects & Designers Need to Know About Smart Security


Give Your Clients the Technology They Really Want

“Security is not an add-on; rather it’s thinking holistically about a building site or concept,” says Patrick Gilbert, AIA, a senior architect with Gresham, Smith, and Partners.

If you’re an architect or designer in the Lebanon, TN area, it’s time to start thinking about security. While many homeowners will install smart technology after they’ve moved in, the best move is to install a security system before construction is complete. For the forward-thinking client, a new home build should already include planning and wiring for home automation.

As a home security company based in Middle Tennessee, we’ll share why it’s valuable to include a security camera installation into your design plans and how we can be of service to your future design projects.

3 Perks of Working with a Local Home Security Company


Treat Yourself to Top-Notch Customer Service & More from Symspire 

You may have heard the phrase “shop local” in reference to Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday in November. But what happens the remainder of the year when there isn’t a national push to buy locally made products or shop at nearby small businesses? Small businesses are still here and available to assist you with your needs year-round! 

As a small business that serves Gallatin and the greater Nashville, TN, area, we are always happy to provide superior security and surveillance solutions to our clients. We offer more personalized service than the national security brands and give you individualized attention to meet your needs. Keep scrolling below to learn three perks of working with Symspire – your local home security company

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Supporting Local 

We contribute to the community just as you and your neighbors do, hire local employees, and pay local taxes by our offices. We drive on the roads our taxes help pay for, eat at local restaurants, and shop at local stores. We love Tennessee and all it has to offer, and we’re proud to support the local community and help you with your home security needs. 

Every time you shop with a local company, you help support our employees and assist us in the continuation of our business. Since 1968, we’ve serviced the greater Nashville area with innovative home solutions that make homeowners’ lives easier and more luxurious than they’ve ever imagined was possible.

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Home Security Systems: Full-Service vs. DIY Installations


Getting Started with Home Security? Here’s What You Need to Consider

After a long day, the last thing anyone wants or expects is to see their front door kicked in and the house burglarized. You might think, ‘We live in a nice neighborhood,’ or ‘That wouldn’t happen here.’ But according to the Department of Justice, around 1.7 million burglaries occur every year in the US, and 51 percent of home robberies are repeated within six weeks.

When people’s homes are broken into or vandalized, it’s not just that valuables are stolen. It’s the sense of security that’s lost and very challenging to regain.

Whether you’ve experienced a break-in or not, it’s always a wise decision to protect your property with a security and surveillance system. Not only will you prevent and catch intruders, but you’ll also keep your eye on the kids, pets, mail deliveries, and be notified of any water or gas leaks.

But how does one install a home security system? Should you do it yourself or hire a home security company? We share the pros and cons of each below so you can make the best decision for your Murfreesboro, TN home.

How Many Security Cameras Do I Need? A Guide for Tennessee Homes


Minimize Blind Spots & Keep Your Property Protected

With today’s smart technology, more homeowners are realizing they can take their security beyond alarms at the front entrance. Surveillance cameras are an increasingly popular residential installation, and as a home security company, we frequently receive these requests.

But if you want to ensure your Murfreesboro, TN home is protected, you’ll need more than a single video doorbell. For instance, what if someone tries to enter your house through the backyard? Or sneak in from the side? You won’t be able to catch that from the front door camera, and by the time they’re at the entrance or window, it may be too late to take action.

We work with homeowners and businesses across Middle Tennessee to safeguard their properties with remote access and monitoring. If you’re considering a new surveillance system, follow our guidelines below to find exactly what you need.




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