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5 Common Smart Home Security System Mistakes That You Must Avoid

A home fitted with smart security system in Nashville

Don’t put your property and valuables at risk with these errors

Smart home security systems are meant to make our homes more secure and our lives easier and stress-free. However, a few things people do with their smart home security systems in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas have the opposite impact. Are you making any of these mistakes? Let’s find out!

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3 Perks of Working with a Local Home Security Company


Treat Yourself to Top-Notch Customer Service & More from Symspire 

You may have heard the phrase “shop local” in reference to Small Business Saturday, the day after Black Friday in November. But what happens the remainder of the year when there isn’t a national push to buy locally made products or shop at nearby small businesses? Small businesses are still here and available to assist you with your needs year-round! 

As a small business that serves Gallatin and the greater Nashville, TN, area, we are always happy to provide superior security and surveillance solutions to our clients. We offer more personalized service than the national security brands and give you individualized attention to meet your needs. Keep scrolling below to learn three perks of working with Symspire – your local home security company

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Supporting Local 

We contribute to the community just as you and your neighbors do, hire local employees, and pay local taxes by our offices. We drive on the roads our taxes help pay for, eat at local restaurants, and shop at local stores. We love Tennessee and all it has to offer, and we’re proud to support the local community and help you with your home security needs. 

Every time you shop with a local company, you help support our employees and assist us in the continuation of our business. Since 1968, we’ve serviced the greater Nashville area with innovative home solutions that make homeowners’ lives easier and more luxurious than they’ve ever imagined was possible.

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3 Surveillance Applications You Hadn’t Thought Of Yet


Get creative and take full advantage of these surveillance solutions!

The importance of a robust home surveillance system is widely known to most homeowners. You can keep your much-needed peace of mind by knowing your Nashville-area property is protected, and high-definition security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property. But that’s not where the benefits of a surveillance system end! 

Keep reading our blog to learn three unique applications that will allow you to protect yourself, family, and property in innovative ways.

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4 Unique Ways to Use Your Home Security System Systems Can Do Much More Than Security 

Most people know (or can guess) that is a home security brand. Its solutions include alarms, surveillance cameras, and mobile alerts—but that’s not all. 

An system can be used for much more than its security features. Of course, a home security installation is an invaluable addition to your Nashville, TN home and will keep your family protected 24/7. But how else can you use 

Read on to discover four lesser-known features from! 

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Disaster-Proof Your Tennessee Home with a Smart Security Installation


Home Security Isn’t Just for Catching Crime

It’s a common misconception that home security systems are only for catching burglars and intruders. But that’s simply not true! You can use a smart security system to protect your home from all sorts of dangers and threats, from fires to floods to frozen pipes. 

If you often worry about your Brentwood, TN home and family inside, an home security installation can provide much-needed peace of mind. Below, we share how you can access fire alarms, gas detectors, water sensors, and more, all from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. 

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How Many Security Cameras Do I Need? A Guide for Tennessee Homes


Minimize Blind Spots & Keep Your Property Protected

With today’s smart technology, more homeowners are realizing they can take their security beyond alarms at the front entrance. Surveillance cameras are an increasingly popular residential installation, and as a home security company, we frequently receive these requests.

But if you want to ensure your Murfreesboro, TN home is protected, you’ll need more than a single video doorbell. For instance, what if someone tries to enter your house through the backyard? Or sneak in from the side? You won’t be able to catch that from the front door camera, and by the time they’re at the entrance or window, it may be too late to take action.

We work with homeowners and businesses across Middle Tennessee to safeguard their properties with remote access and monitoring. If you’re considering a new surveillance system, follow our guidelines below to find exactly what you need.

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The Beginner’s Guide to Alarm Monitoring Services


Is Professional Alarm Monitoring Right for Your Home? 

When mobile alerts were first introduced to security technology, it was a complete game-changer. Surveillance footage was no longer used only as evidence to provide to the authorities or insurance claims. Now, incidents could be caught in real-time, preventing theft, damage, and loss.

With smart notifications, if unusual activity is detected on your property—like a stranger lingering in the driveway after dark or a leak in the basement—your phone will be instantly notified with a message. From there, you can open your security app and view a live video feed, then assess the situation. 

But what if you miss the notification? The incident will go unnoticed, and by the time you see the alert, it’s too late to prevent any damage. And what if you need to focus on work at the office, and can’t be checking your phone every time it vibrates? 

That’s where alarm monitoring services come in. Professional services handle the monitoring for you, so whether you’re away on vacation or at work, you can focus on your day without worrying about what’s going on at home.

We frequently cover tips and advice on alarm monitoring services in our home security blog. To learn more about security monitoring for your Murfreesboro, TN home, read our handy guide and expand on each topic below! 

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Home Security Systems: Full-Service vs. DIY Installations


Getting Started with Home Security? Here’s What You Need to Consider

After a long day, the last thing anyone wants or expects is to see their front door kicked in and the house burglarized. You might think, ‘We live in a nice neighborhood,’ or ‘That wouldn’t happen here.’ But according to the Department of Justice, around 1.7 million burglaries occur every year in the US, and 51 percent of home robberies are repeated within six weeks.

When people’s homes are broken into or vandalized, it’s not just that valuables are stolen. It’s the sense of security that’s lost and very challenging to regain.

Whether you’ve experienced a break-in or not, it’s always a wise decision to protect your property with a security and surveillance system. Not only will you prevent and catch intruders, but you’ll also keep your eye on the kids, pets, mail deliveries, and be notified of any water or gas leaks.

But how does one install a home security system? Should you do it yourself or hire a home security company? We share the pros and cons of each below so you can make the best decision for your Murfreesboro, TN home.

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Strengthen Your Security Camera System with Video Analytics


Discover How Video Analytics Work & How to Get Started

Typically, when security cameras detect activity, they send a notification to your phone right away. That’s convenient—until it’s pinging you several times a day about the cat walking on the porch or a car driving by on the street. 

Too many alerts might lead you to ignore or mute notifications altogether. But then you run the risk of missing an important alert. So how can homeowners use their smart security camera system to stay safe—without going crazy? Two words: video analytics.

With video analytic software incorporated in your smart cameras, you’ll cut back on false alarms and will only be notified about activity that matters. Whether you’re protecting one home or several properties, makes it easier to manage notifications through video analytics. We’ll share how intelligent cameras work and your options for your Nashville, TN home below. 

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What Does Video Analytics Do?

Video analytic software lets your system notify you about certain camera events while ignoring less important activities.’s video analytics are highly customizable and recognize the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. Video analytics make it easier to search through footage, too, if you need to find evidence later on. 

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Have You Ever Wondered What Alarm Monitoring Services Do?


Here’s How an Alarm Monitoring Agent Will Protect Your Tennessee Home

Everyone wants to feel like their home and neighborhood are safe. But even if the reports and news say you live in a low-crime area, you might still worry when away or late at night. If you fret about your family and property’s safety, why not ease your anxiety?

Alarm monitoring services take the burden off your shoulders, ensuring your house is protected without any actions required from you. With professional monitoring services, you won’t need to constantly check alerts or footage. If something is amiss, the station will call the authorities for you.

But how do alarm monitoring services work? Many of our customers are confused about the steps a smart system takes to protect their homes. Read on to see how professional alarm monitoring will protect your Spring Hill, TN residence.

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Detects Motion on Your Property

Whether we install physical motion sensors or virtual trip lines on intelligent cameras, if someone or something approaches your property, a signal will be sent to your security system. Video analytics reduce false alarms, as your smart cameras can tell the difference between your family and a stranger, your pet and an actual threat. It can even recognize license plates and alert you if an unfamiliar vehicle is in the driveway!

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Does My Home Need a Smart Security Camera System?


When Home Surveillance Is Worth the Investment.

Security cameras: are they a necessity or not? Oftentimes, there’s no way to know how a smart security camera system will pay off in the long run. Someday a burglar might be searching for a target, but they will decide to look elsewhere once they see your cameras. You’ll never know what could have been lost without your camera system.

If you’re contemplating a security installation on your Lebanon, TN property, let us help you decide. We’ll share when cameras will help and what models to look out for below.

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5 Tips to Keep Your Security System Secure


Trust the Experts at Symspire To Keep Your Home Safe 

As your local Gallatin-area security specialist, we write about home surveillance and alarm systems frequently to help homeowners. We take pride in our efforts to provide innovative solutions that help you keep your property safe and provide you peace of mind.

Security systems require much more than simply mounting a few cameras, though. We have a few tips to offer that will provide superior protection and deter potential incidents on your Tennessee property. Read on below to learn five things you should do with your smart security camera system to keep your home and loved ones safe. 

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Why We Love Alarm.Com Monitoring Services

Symspire is a Proud Authorized Dealer

While 2020 has not been a typical year, it’s certainly been a year for the record books! Now that the year is coming to a close, we at Symspire find ourselves reflecting upon things we are thankful for. We encourage our readers to do the same! The holiday season is always an excellent time for this kind of reflection, and it’s essential to include your safety and wellbeing on your gratitude list.

Homeowners make great efforts to incorporate alarm systems, surveillance cameras, and other components of a smart security system on their property. Still, one aspect that’s often overlooked is the inclusion of security monitoring. Security installation is only one step. Homeowners can continue protecting those people and things they are thankful for with alarm monitoring services from Symspire in and near Lebanon, TN.

Keep reading below to learn two reasons why we love partnering with to increase our clients’ peace of mind.

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What Architects & Designers Need to Know About Smart Security


Give Your Clients the Technology They Really Want

“Security is not an add-on; rather it’s thinking holistically about a building site or concept,” says Patrick Gilbert, AIA, a senior architect with Gresham, Smith, and Partners.

If you’re an architect or designer in the Lebanon, TN area, it’s time to start thinking about security. While many homeowners will install smart technology after they’ve moved in, the best move is to install a security system before construction is complete. For the forward-thinking client, a new home build should already include planning and wiring for home automation.

As a home security company based in Middle Tennessee, we’ll share why it’s valuable to include a security camera installation into your design plans and how we can be of service to your future design projects.

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How Do Alarm Monitoring Services Work?


Comparing Self-Monitoring and Professional Alarm Services

If there’s one truth to life, it’s that it’s often unpredictable. But with alarm monitoring services, you’ll always be a little bit more prepared for life’s challenges. Whether it’s a late-night intruder or a leak in the basement while you’re out of town, you’ll be informed within minutes, if not immediately.

But what are alarm monitoring services, and how will they work in your Gallatin, TN, home? Is it always necessary to hire a professional service? We’ll answer all your questions below.

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3 Key Ways Symspire Customizes Your Home Security Experience


As a Dedicated Security and Surveillance Company, We Build Systems That Function Just for You

At Symspire, we believe that a well-done home security installation without personal touches provides a decent start to securing your home but doesn’t cut it for optimal user experience. Sure, you can feel safe within your four walls trusting that your security company did a fine job with your installation, but can you feel as though they had your best interests in mind?

When it comes to our approach to home security for our clients in the Franklin area and throughout Central Tennessee, customization is in our DNA. In our opinion, anything short of that falls short of what you deserve for yourself and your family. As a dedicated, local security and surveillance company, we go above and beyond to find the perfect solution that not only works well, but works perfectly for you. We detail how in the sections below!

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DIY Home Security Products vs. Professional Home Security Systems


Make the Best Decision When Building Your Home Security System

Every year, we see an influx of DIY home security products flooding big-box stores throughout Central Tennessee. Though we are thrilled about the increased public importance of home security, it’s important that you also are fully educated on the topic before you make the decision of investing in home security. Big-box store options aren’t the only choice available; if you are looking for a genuinely secure way to protect your home, another option exists – a professional smart home security setup from a company like our team at Symspire.

Much like the DIY home security products widely available on the market today, our higher-end home security solutions boast some of the most in-demand features: High resolution, 24/7 remote access, smartphone apps, remote monitoring and more. But we also take extra measures to ensure your property stays safe; using only the most secure and robust brands in the industry. In this blog, we want to educate you about what you should be aware of as you build your home security system in the Franklin area or elsewhere in Tennessee, and how our team can help guide you to the home security solution of your dreams. Learn more in the sections below!

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The Top 4 Home Security System Trends Happening Now


Which Hot Trends Should You Take Advantage of This Summer?

Here at Symspire, we work with many clients who want updates to their home security system, which gives us the unique opportunity to present the freshest surveillance and safety trends. We also talk to homebuilders who need the inside scoop on the finest products and systems to show their clients.

If either of the above describes you, Symspire is here to help! Let’s talk about four security trends we’ve seen this year and how they can reinforce safety in homes throughout the Nashville, Tennessee area. You’re about to find out how these trends benefit you, and what Symspire can do to make them a reality in your home or construction projects.

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What Makes Symspire Unique in the Home Security Market?


Discover What Makes Our Security and Surveillance Company Stand Out

If you’re considering a new home security system, you may initially think of big-name brands like SimpliSafe and Ring. While these simple smart home security systems are a better option than nothing, the surest solution for your home’s safety is a custom 24/7 security plan against fire, intrusion, and medical emergencies. But where can one find a quality system like that? What if we told you it’s right here in Middle Tennessee?

Symspire, a security and surveillance company based near the Spring Hill area, stands out in the home security market for several reasons. Continue reading to discover what makes Symspire the most unique (and safest!) home security option around.

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Making the Most of Your Home Security System: Here Are 4 Simple Tips


How You Can Maximize the Power Of Your Home Security System

The goal of any home security system is gaining peace of mind from a system that’s easy to manage. After you’ve spent the time and money to get your system running, you want to know you’re taking full advantage of your system’s capabilities.

While the basics of your home security system are easy enough to understand, there are some actions you can take to maximize the benefits of your system. Today we’ll give you some tips on making the most of the home security system for your Tennessee home – whether in the Franklin area or beyond.

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