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How Do Alarm Monitoring Services Work?


Comparing Self-Monitoring and Professional Alarm Services

If there’s one truth to life, it’s that it’s often unpredictable. But with alarm monitoring services, you’ll always be a little bit more prepared for life’s challenges. Whether it’s a late-night intruder or a leak in the basement while you’re out of town, you’ll be informed within minutes, if not immediately.

But what are alarm monitoring services, and how will they work in your Gallatin, TN, home? Is it always necessary to hire a professional service? We’ll answer all your questions below.

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Monitoring by Yourself

Yes, it’s possible to monitor your home’s alarms and security devices on your own. With a complete smart system, you’ll receive alerts to your phone or tablet if any unusual activity is detected on your property. You can integrate gas leak detectors, smoke detectors, and water sensors, too, so you’re notified about every kind of disaster.

Once a sensor is tripped, and you see the alert, you can assess the situation through real-time video feeds from your surveillance cameras. If you see something unusual, you can call the authorities.

The only downside to this method is that it may take you five to twenty minutes to get the police or fire department on the phone. What if you’re on a hike without cell service, or you’re busy at a party, not checking your phone? You may not want to be glued to your smart system, worrying that you could miss something. With hired monitoring services, you can say goodbye to all anxiety.

Using A Monitoring Service Center

When you hire a professional monitoring service, the entire process is handled by a specialist in a monitoring station. After an alarm is triggered, the specialist will immediately try to contact you. If they can’t reach you, they’ll dispatch the appropriate authorities to check on your house. A professional service has someone at hand 24/7 to assess your house’s situation, so you won’t have to carry the burden of a potential threat.

The point of a home security system is to protect your family and home. But your protection will only go so far if you miss security alerts. A professional monitoring service will provide police-level protection every day.

How to Get Started Today

Ready to take the worries of home security off your mind? If you’re interested in alarm monitoring services in or near Gallatin, TN, contact Symspire here to get started. Our team’s history dates back to 1968, servicing middle Tennessee homes with security systems they can trust.

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