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3 Essential Features to Add to Your Smart Security Camera System


Modern Technologies for a Safer & Smarter Home

Homeowners choose to install security cameras for many reasons. Some are frequently away from home or own multiple properties. Some folks worry about their kids while they’re at work, while others have experienced a break-in in the past.

Whatever your reason may be, the only way to ensure peace of mind is to install a fully integrated system that covers your entire property.

Old security systems presented many weak points and blind spots, like the lack of motion alerts on traditional CCTV cameras. But, just as the rest of our technology has advanced, today’s home security is much safer and more effective with the latest devices.

As a home security installer based in the Murfreesboro, TN area, we recommend all of our clients incorporate the following three features in their smart security camera system. That way, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your house is protected.

Can Your Smart Security Camera System Promote Wellness?


Why Your Murfreesboro, TN Home Needs Surveillance Equipment Now

Though many factors remain constant when you’re designing your home security setup — like a smart security camera installation, integrated control and alarms — our changing world requires us to think bigger. Six months ago, we might have missed any correlation between wellness and security, but now we know that there’s a health-focused facet of, well, nearly everything. Keep reading to see how your home security can influence your emotional, and even physical, wellbeing.

5 Tips to Keep Your Security System Secure


Trust the Experts at Symspire To Keep Your Home Safe 

As your local Gallatin-area security specialist, we write about home surveillance and alarm systems frequently to help homeowners. We take pride in our efforts to provide innovative solutions that help you keep your property safe and provide you peace of mind.

Security systems require much more than simply mounting a few cameras, though. We have a few tips to offer that will provide superior protection and deter potential incidents on your Tennessee property. Read on below to learn five things you should do with your smart security camera system to keep your home and loved ones safe. 

Does My Home Need a Smart Security Camera System?


When Home Surveillance Is Worth the Investment.

Security cameras: are they a necessity or not? Oftentimes, there’s no way to know how a smart security camera system will pay off in the long run. Someday a burglar might be searching for a target, but they will decide to look elsewhere once they see your cameras. You’ll never know what could have been lost without your camera system.

If you’re contemplating a security installation on your Lebanon, TN property, let us help you decide. We’ll share when cameras will help and what models to look out for below.

Strengthen Your Security Camera System with Video Analytics


Discover How Video Analytics Work & How to Get Started

Typically, when security cameras detect activity, they send a notification to your phone right away. That’s convenient—until it’s pinging you several times a day about the cat walking on the porch or a car driving by on the street. 

Too many alerts might lead you to ignore or mute notifications altogether. But then you run the risk of missing an important alert. So how can homeowners use their smart security camera system to stay safe—without going crazy? Two words: video analytics.

With video analytic software incorporated in your smart cameras, you’ll cut back on false alarms and will only be notified about activity that matters. Whether you’re protecting one home or several properties, makes it easier to manage notifications through video analytics. We’ll share how intelligent cameras work and your options for your Nashville, TN home below. 

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What Does Video Analytics Do?

Video analytic software lets your system notify you about certain camera events while ignoring less important activities.’s video analytics are highly customizable and recognize the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. Video analytics make it easier to search through footage, too, if you need to find evidence later on. 

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