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3 Essential Features to Add to Your Smart Security Camera System


Modern Technologies for a Safer & Smarter Home

Homeowners choose to install security cameras for many reasons. Some are frequently away from home or own multiple properties. Some folks worry about their kids while they’re at work, while others have experienced a break-in in the past.

Whatever your reason may be, the only way to ensure peace of mind is to install a fully integrated system that covers your entire property.

Old security systems presented many weak points and blind spots, like the lack of motion alerts on traditional CCTV cameras. But, just as the rest of our technology has advanced, today’s home security is much safer and more effective with the latest devices.

As a home security installer based in the Murfreesboro, TN area, we recommend all of our clients incorporate the following three features in their smart security camera system. That way, you can sleep soundly at night, knowing your house is protected.

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1. AI Video Analytics  

Mobile security alerts are not only handy, but lifesaving. If motion is detected at designated areas, an intelligent security system will instantly notify your phone.

But what if it’s dinging your phone twenty times a day? You may start to tune out the notifications—then accidentally miss an important one.

Luckily, video analytics makes your security alerts smarter and reduces false alarms. With intelligent learning, we can program your smart cameras to recognize the difference between, for example, your dog or a stranger on the front lawn. Video analytics lets you sort through footage for specific people, actions, and even license plates. Specific events, like someone lingering at your front door, can notify your phone, while other motions will not.

2. Cloud-Based Storage  

Suppose there’s an incident on your property, and you need to provide footage to the authorities or your insurance company. In that case, you can’t risk anyone tampering with evidence—or you accidentally losing it. Physical storage systems can only hold so much video at a time and are vulnerable to damage and interference.

Cloud storage systems are a much safer way to record surveillance footage. A cloud system lets you customize storage amounts and view video feeds anytime from a mobile app. Cloud management makes it much more difficult for anyone to delete evidence, and you won’t unintentionally lose important files. Plus, you can create unique alarms based on sounds and movement in your cloud-stored videos.

3. Automated Smart Lighting  

Your surveillance footage won’t be much use if the cameras only record a pitch-black image at night. Even with night vision cameras, you’ll see much clearer with a light shining on your subject. 

By syncing landscape lights to motion sensors, your outdoor lights will activate once someone approaches. You can also remotely control your landscape lights from your control system app, letting you turn on lights and check on your house anytime, from anywhere in the world.

If you’re looking for smart, convenient ways to protect your Tennessee home, let Symspire be your guide. We design and install foolproof smart surveillance camera systems from Nashville to Knoxville and everywhere in between. Contact us here to discuss your home’s needs today.

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