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How to Position Your Home Security Cameras for Optimal Performance


If you’ve decided to invest in a home surveillance system for your property in the Hendersonville area, we’re here to tell you you’ve made the right decision. But how do you know that you’re making the most of your camera placement? In this blog, we’ll be showing you where can help place your cameras for optimal performance so that criminal masterminds can’t outsmart your home security system. Keep reading to see why camera positioning matters.

We never recommend trying this installation yourself. You should have a security professional walk through your property to review your most vulnerable spaces and let you know how they plan to cover them. Below, we’ll outline that information for you.

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Camera Positioning: The Basics

Some of the questions we ask when we meet with customers involve the unique size and layout of your property, your history of break-ins or neighborhood break-ins, and more. For example, a Sympsire professional might ask for your input in these areas:

  • Where do you think you need security cameras, based on your perception of most vulnerable spots on your property?
  • Do you have any covered entrances, such as windows or doors that would be especially appealing to thieves?
  • Has your home ever experienced a break-in, even when previous owners lived there?
  • If there was a break-in, where was it?
  • Do you want thieves to know if you have cameras or not?
  • What should you and your family know if your alarm system, once set-up, becomes activated?

The Front Door

With more than a third of criminals invading through the front door, the front door ranks as the most important outdoor security camera placement locations. Sympsire experts know that criminals will often break a lower-level camera, so we secure the equipment higher than expected to avoid any tampering.

Back and Side Doors

About one-fifth of criminals try to break in this way, so reinforce every additional door with a security camera. If you have connected garage doors that give access to your home, this could pose a security threat too.

Rear and Additional Windows

Rear and side windows provide a target area for invaders because they are more obscured from the neighbors’ view, which explains why roughly another quarter of criminal activity occurs through inconspicuous windows. Our solution? We can direct cameras to these areas to ward off suspicious activity.

Legal Considerations

We know the laws regarding security camera placement within your Tennessee home, which gives us a considerable advantage since improper positioning can entail substantial penalties and legal trouble. For example, video camera surveillance focused at another person’s property, or even within that range, is highly illegal.

The Ultimate Peace of Mind

So what happens if you secure this equipment and it has to do its job? Symspire installs what we call monitored security, which means that we take care of everything when defending your home. We have a team of Five Diamond Alarm-certified professionals that responds within seconds when your alarms are triggered.

In practical terms, this means that when cameras pick up criminal activity, triggering your alarms, we make the calls that keep your property safe.

We believe the purpose of working with Symspire as your home surveillance expert means that we give you the total control to monitor your property while we take care of the rest.

Want to learn more about the best surveillance tools and strategies for your Tennessee home in the Hendersonville area or beyond? Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-hassle consultation.

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