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3 Surveillance Applications You Hadn’t Thought Of Yet


Get creative and take full advantage of these surveillance solutions!

The importance of a robust home surveillance system is widely known to most homeowners. You can keep your much-needed peace of mind by knowing your Nashville-area property is protected, and high-definition security cameras allow you to keep an eye on your property. But that’s not where the benefits of a surveillance system end! 

Keep reading our blog to learn three unique applications that will allow you to protect yourself, family, and property in innovative ways.

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Keep an Eye on the Kids

Children falling behind on their chores is fairly common, and most kiddos have an aversion to doing their homework. Let’s face it, nobody likes doing chores or homework once they get home from school, and it’s very easy for kids to get distracted and play video games or watch TV. If you are busy at the office or away from home on a business trip, helping the kids stay on track with their subjects can be challenging. Let your surveillance cameras lend you a helping hand! 

Once the kids return home from school, you’ll receive a text alert or push notification that they’ve entered your home and disarmed the alarm system. Then, you can pull up the app from your smartphone or tablet to check out live surveillance footage of the study or living room. You’ll be able to keep any eye on whatever is happening in your house, and the kids’ next report card will thank you!

Manage Entry Remotely

Just as you can keep an eye on the kids to make sure they are completing their homework and chores, a professionally installed home surveillance system lets you manage hired helpers and staff just as easily.

Through, you can remotely lock and unlock your smart door locks to allow the dog walker or housecleaner access to your home in seconds. If you’d prefer a more hands-off approach to their visits, you can issue them a unique entry ID code that’s only operable during specified times of day. If they ever attempt to access your home outside of predetermined dates and times, you’ll receive an instant alert and they will be denied entry. And with remote access to your surveillance cameras, you’ll be able to check in on your home at any time.

Never Miss an Insta-Moment Ever Again

Believe it or not, home surveillance systems also have a fun side. Interior cameras can catch cute family moments like your baby’s first steps. You can review previously recorded footage even if you were at home at the time an event originally occurred! On the same note, our solutions let you keep an eye on any funny things your new puppy might be doing while you’re away from home. Having a stressful day at work? Take a quick break to check on your pets and recharge your batteries by cheering up with their cuteness. 

At Symspire, we are passionate about helping our clients enjoy their smart homes to the fullest. Are you ready to experience your residence to a whole new level? Contact us right here to learn more!

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