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A Few Creative Ways to Enjoy Your Control4 System


From Entertainment to Security, Control4 Innovates Daily Life

Control4 systems have been favorites in the home automation market, and for many good reasons. Their ease of use and expansive integration ecosystem provide unmatched results in Gallatin-area homes.

The new-and-improved operating system, the Smart Home OS 3 (more commonly called simply OS 3), provides some of the most seamless entertainment capabilities we’ve seen yet, including the Active Media Bar that lets you swipe through endless high-fidelity tracks and control what you want to play in every room from any screen.

Control4 users rave about their installations, but as expert integrators, we think that their Control4 systems still have untapped potential. Curious to learn how else you could utilize this technology in your Tennessee home? See for yourself below!

Winter is No Match for a Control4 System


Using Automation to Beat the Winter Doldrums

The winter months are here. Cold weather, shorter days, and the sun setting before dinnertime are just a few qualities of the season that can have an effect on your moods. But did you know that your smart home automation system can help you combat the winter blues that many of us in Brentwood, TN try to avoid each year?

With a Control4 system, it’s possible to utilize your home’s smart devices to support your wellness not only during the cooler winter months but year-round as well! Read on below to learn about two smart home solutions that you can incorporate into your Control4 system in order to make this season more enjoyable.

3 Ways You Can Improve Your Security with Control4


Going Beyond an Alarm System to Keep Your Tennessee Home Protected

As the premier security and surveillance company serving Lebanon and the surrounding areas, we know how important it is for homeowners to keep their property protected. Most homeowners want an alarm system installed to notify the authorities in case of a breach, but there are other smart security solutions available that can tie into your home automation and control system to add an additional layer of protection.

Read on below to learn three ways you can use your Control4 system to improve the security of your Tennessee home, then chat with us at the bottom of your screen if you have any questions.

Getting Started: Control4 Smart Systems for Home Builders


We Answer Your Questions About Designing and Building with Home Automation

Smart homes aren’t just the future—they’re here. If you’re a home builder, are you prepared to provide an automated home for your clients?

The way we build houses today is vastly different from even five years ago. Now we must think carefully about pre-wiring, not just for electricity, but for the internet and audio. Wiring is not only about being up to code. It’s about how the homeowners will actually live and use technology for convenience and entertainment.

Smart systems like Control4 let luxury homeowners access their homes from anywhere in the world, right from the Control4 app. Whether you build single-family residences, luxury apartments, or even commercial buildings, a Control4 system will put your Murfreesboro, TN-area business ahead of the competition.

Read on to see why partnering with a Control4 installer will improve your building projects.

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