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Building a Home Theater? Your Guide to Tiered, Elevated Seating


Bring Multiple Levels to Your Home Cinema

When you walk into most movie theaters, you’ll find yourself either looking up or down at many levels of seating. And wherever you sit, from the front to the back, the elevation means no one can obscure your view—even if they’re wearing a tall hat!

The same can be true for your home theater. If you plan on installing more than one row of theater seating, an elevated platform is essential for comfortable viewing.

As a home theater designer in the Brentwood, TN area, we install platforms that rival any commercial theater. Learn more about seating risers and platforms to see if you’d benefit from them in your home cinema!

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Amplify Your Audio & Video with a Smart Home System


Make the Most of Your Home Entertainment & Daily Routines 

How do you currently enjoy music and TV in your Nashville home? Perhaps you own a portable speaker that you move around the house when inspiration strikes. Maybe you have a projector or smart TV in the home theater. 

But what do you do if you start a movie outside, and then want to continue it in the bedroom? How quickly can you assemble that? Can your music follow you from one end of the house to another? With a whole-home audio-video system, your favorite entertainment is more accessible than ever. 

As a home audio-video expert based in Nashville, TN, we design and install systems that suit anyone’s lifestyle. How can multi-room AV enhance your home? Read on for inspiration. 

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When You Partner with a Home Theater Company, Expect Impressive Results


Here’s What a Professional Home Theater Installation Looks Like

Some people hang a screen on the wall, plug in a projector, and call that the ‘home theater.’ But if you want a stylish space that feels like a real movie theater, you’ll need more than the bare essentials. For a private cinema with comfortable seating, impeccable sound and video, and accessible technology, DIY may not be the best route.

home theater company, like Symspire in Gallatin, TN, can build the private cinema of your dreams. What does that involve? All projects are customized to our client’s needs and desires, but we can include the following features in your home theater.

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3 Essential Home Theater Features You Shouldn’t Forget


Proper home theater design includes accounting for more than just your TV and speakers

Whenever you sit down to watch a movie in your home theater, the most obvious elements of the experience are your TV and sound system. But for the absolute best in entertainment, you have to think about more than just the quality of your screen and speakers. Other room features have a significant impact on how you and your guests feel as you watch.

With that in mind, we have a special blog for residents of Brentwood and other nearby parts of Tennessee. We’ll walk you through three crucial traits to remember when you’re thinking about home theater design.

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Essential Elements for a High-Performance Home Theater


When building a home theater, there are a few central pieces of equipment you’ll have to consider. Audio, video and control systems characterize every home theater installation, so we’ll start by talking about your vision for those components.

Our team at Symspire knows that making your dream theater come to life involves many hours of wiring and heavy lifting, and we’d love to help. We’ll walk through your home and assess the proper brands and products for your lifestyle needs. As you see what we create for you, you’ll love envisioning long, winter days in your new favorite room: Add your family, friends and favorite snacks, and the setup will be complete.

So, what are the essential elements you need for the ultimate home theater installation at your home in the Franklin area or elsewhere in Tennessee? Find out below.

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Minimize Your Worries This Holiday Season


A Symspire Security System Ensures Your Home’s Safety While You’re Away

With the bustling holiday season coming up, it’s possible that you’ll be leaving your home for extended periods of time. As you visit friends and family – whether here in Tennessee or across the country – knowing that your house is left empty and unattended can be a stress on your vacation.

Don’t let your property’s safety be a concern for you during this joyful time with your loved ones. With a top-notch and local security and surveillance company like Symspire on your side, you’ll know without a doubt that your house is taken care of while you’re away.

Keep reading below to see how our smart security system features and technologies can keep your home in the Franklin area secure while you and your family celebrate this time together.

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