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When You Partner with a Home Theater Company, Expect Impressive Results


Here’s What a Professional Home Theater Installation Looks Like

Some people hang a screen on the wall, plug in a projector, and call that the ‘home theater.’ But if you want a stylish space that feels like a real movie theater, you’ll need more than the bare essentials. For a private cinema with comfortable seating, impeccable sound and video, and accessible technology, DIY may not be the best route.

home theater company, like Symspire in Gallatin, TN, can build the private cinema of your dreams. What does that involve? All projects are customized to our client’s needs and desires, but we can include the following features in your home theater.

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Soundproofing & Acoustic Treatments 

If you’re investing in high-quality surround sound speakers, you’ll need acoustic treatments to ensure your audio sounds its best. Without acoustic panels on the walls and ceiling, you’ll hear echo and slapping noises that cause distortion, making your theater viewings unpleasant and distracting. Professionals will install absorptive fiberglass or foam treatments that blend into your décor, so it doesn’t look like an eyesore.

Acoustic panels make your room’s audio sound better. But how do you contain noise, so that rumbling sound effects don’t disturb the rest of the house? That calls for soundproofing the door and walls. Soundproofing may take the form of sound-deadening drywall or dampening materials like panels or drapery. A home theater company knows how to make your theater sound perfectly balanced and private.

In-Wall Surround Sound  

Most surround sound systems include seven speakers plus a subwoofer for low bass notes. That’s a lot of speakers, and if you want a more minimal approach, a professional can wire and install speakers within the walls and ceilings. They’ll be cleanly finished over to blend into your décor while still delivering high-fidelity sound.

Automated Controls  

Most home theaters are packed with electronic systems: lights, speakers, a projector, media sources, motorized shades, and more. Won’t it be a hassle if you need to fiddle with different nobs and remotes every time you want to use the theater?

A professional will consolidate all your tech into one easy-to-use smart system. With Control4, for instance, you can turn on your theater technology, queue up Netflix, adjust the temperature, and dim the lights—all from the Neeo remote. If you’d rather use the app on your phone or tablet, or perhaps a touchscreen on the wall, the choice is yours.

High-End Seating & Lighting  

A home theater company can handle not only the audio-video installation, but also help you with lighting, shading, and cinema seating. Want a starry night sky that twinkles on the ceiling? Or old Hollywood-style theater seats? Whether you’re looking for a modern or classic design, the professionals have access to high-end furniture and lighting you might not find elsewhere.

If you’re ready to upgrade your home entertainment, let Symspire be your home theater guide. Our expert technicians have designed and installed luxury theaters in homes across Middle Tennessee. Contact us here or chat with a member of our team below to discuss your home theater project. We look forward to speaking with you!

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