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3 Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid


And How Your Instincts and Common Wisdom May Mislead You

When we start building a home theater design concept, form and function are not only crucial but interrelated. A theater or media room can look attractive, but if the technology is difficult to use, it detracts from the aesthetic. No one wants to spend time in an unsightly entertainment space, even if you invested a lot into the technology.

Symspire looks at the big picture when creating home theaters to avoid major pitfalls that we constantly see in the entertainment spaces we upgrade. Home theaters have many variables that require a professional’s touch – room specifications, design needs, wiring, acoustics, lighting and countless other factors determine a room’s form and functionality. An expert integrator can also bypass some design myths that perpetuate unattractive or poorly functioning spaces. Keep reading to see which of these misconceptions you’ve heard before.

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Go Big or Go Home?

We’re sure that you’ve received advice from well-meaning retail employees in big-box stores when you last bought a TV. “Buy this one: It’s the biggest TV available on the market!” they might say. You should know that many of these salespeople are paid a higher commission to sell brand-new or featured products from top brands like Sony and Samsung, or for selling the more expensive items on the sales floor.

However, keep in mind that you may not even need the largest TV, nor will an 80+ inch display fit into every home theater. Big displays require a greater viewing distance to avoid neck strain, so they won’t work for shallow room dimensions. We’ll help you determine the ideal screen size based on factors like where you want seating, the width of your front wall or the depth of your room. 

No Centralized Control System

When it’s been a long day and you’re ready to settle down for a family movie night, the last thing you want to do is sift through a bundle of remotes to get the movie started. As expert Control4 installers, Symspire can integrate your entertainment with your other smart home functions. You can control lighting, audio, video, security and outdoor A/V elements from a remote, from touchscreens placed throughout your home or by using your voice.

Forget the standard TV remote and try Control4’s Neeo, a dual-function remote that features both a sizable touchscreen and tactile buttons. This meticulously engineered remote adds seamless convenience to your lifestyle. Respond to your video doorbell and unlock your door to let the pizza delivery person inside; arm your whole-home security system from your armchair; or turn off the music playing upstairs.

Lack of Theme

While you don’t have to make your home theater a shrine to your favorite sports team or Star Wars installment, we always recommend some semblance of a theme. What does that mean? Home theaters require a central focus to become more than just a room where you watch movies. Too many competing design aesthetics or visual clutter distract from the screen. We love having fun extras like wine bars or popcorn machines, but it’s best to place those toward the back of the room.

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Now that you know which elements to avoid in your home theater, are you ready to let us create a beautiful, convenient entertainment space, customized for you?

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