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Surveillance Camera Installation 101: Where NOT to Place a Camera


How To Always Protect Privacy When Installing Cameras

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed some “do’s” of camera placement: near front doors, in garages, close to prominent side entrances. However, in this blog, we will note that the “don’ts” are also vitally important to something as complex and intelligent as surveillance cameras.

Making one of these security mistakes is easier than we’d like to admit when you’re trying to DIY your surveillance camera installation. And one small mistake could quickly land a homeowner in serious legal trouble.

Today, we’ll teach you what not to do when you’re responsibly protecting your Nashville, TN, home and what our professionals do instead.

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Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Baby monitors allow parents to check on infants while they’re out of the room, and some parents surveil their young children to encourage them to finish their homework. However, after a certain age, you need to be more mindful of your surveillance activity: Adult children (18+) are under legal protection from monitoring without their permission.

Similarly, caregivers of elderly people are advised to ask before adding cameras inside their personal spaces. Though it’s understandable that children of elderly parents might want to watch for falls, they must keep their privacy in mind. We recommend less-intrusive measures like wearable medical alert devices.

As you’ve probably learned from this, it’s illegal to place cameras in any area in which someone expects confidentiality. For this reason, it’s prohibited to put them in bathrooms or poolside changing rooms. However, if you are worried about issues like visitors stealing something from your bathroom, it’s perfectly legal and advisable to install cameras directly outside doorways in places like hallways.

Pointed Toward Neighbors

DIY installations have made it all too common to have a surveillance camera pointed toward another person’s property, but most of the time, neighbors don’t set out to spy on each other. A DIYer likely installed it at the wrong angle but didn’t know how to correct it, or they meant to aim their devices not to watch your home but a nearby dog that they want their children to avoid.

Symspire will analyze your home for all the most strategic camera placements, and we’d never violate community, local or state rules when setting up your home. Our surveillance installations give you peace of mind – from knowing that we’ve added cameras to all vulnerable entryways to understanding that every camera installation obeys the law.

Contact Us Today

Do you know anyone who tried to DIY their surveillance camera installation and ended up making one of these mistakes? Avoid the headache, installation costs and confusion by trusting one of our professionals at Symspire.

As local experts, we know the details regarding Nashville’s security laws and can navigate the nitty-gritty regulations your homeowners’ association carries. Give us a call at 615-332-0093 or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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