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5 Common Smart Home Security System Mistakes That You Must Avoid

A home fitted with smart security system in Nashville

Don’t put your property and valuables at risk with these errors

Smart home security systems are meant to make our homes more secure and our lives easier and stress-free. However, a few things people do with their smart home security systems in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas have the opposite impact. Are you making any of these mistakes? Let’s find out!

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4 Reasons to Work with a Professional Security System Consultant


Protect Your Home and Family with a Premium Security System

Your home is the product of your life’s work. It’s where you relax, spend time with family, and entertain your friends. It’s full of valuable belongings and memories. That’s why one of the most important home technologies is a home security system. But a good security system is more than a collection of surveillance cameras. 

For a truly comprehensive home security system and peace of mind, you’ll need to work with a security system consultant. Professionals like Symspire help you design and integrate a premium security solution that spans your Nashville, TN, property. Keep reading to learn about the value a professional security consultant can provide you and your family. 

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Surveillance Camera Installation 101: Where NOT to Place a Camera


How To Always Protect Privacy When Installing Cameras

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed some “do’s” of camera placement: near front doors, in garages, close to prominent side entrances. However, in this blog, we will note that the “don’ts” are also vitally important to something as complex and intelligent as surveillance cameras.

Making one of these security mistakes is easier than we’d like to admit when you’re trying to DIY your surveillance camera installation. And one small mistake could quickly land a homeowner in serious legal trouble.

Today, we’ll teach you what not to do when you’re responsibly protecting your Nashville, TN, home and what our professionals do instead.

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Home Security and Monitoring: Then and Now


From “Door Shakers” to Video Doorbells and More

Usually we focus our blogs on the here-and-now applications of smart home security systems – from their benefits to certain brands to ideal applications within Spring Hill, TN, homes like yours.

Today, however, we’ll look into security from a broader perspective to see how it fits into history. As it stands, we can press one button or speak one command into our automated home security monitoring systems and watch as it responds within milliseconds. But we didn’t just wake up one day to security systems this robust.

Every modern innovation got its start somewhere, and today we’ll examine how home security and monitoring developed over the years and what we expect to see in the future. Take this quick tour of how security systems developed and have since developed into new, unexpected territories.

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Why You Need a Home Alarm Installation More Than Ever


Summer and Pandemics Pose Additional Risk: Here’s How Alarms Can Help

Even in Brentwood, Tennessee’s most high-cost neighborhoods, crime can happen when you least expect it and usually with zero notice. Also, keep in mind a statistic we found in an FBI report: Around every 15 seconds, a burglary occurs in the U.S. Another shocking stat: Those without a monitored alarm system are three times more likely to experience a break-in than someone with a system.

That’s why we at Symspire always recommend a reliable, easy-to-use system that homeowners can trust around the clock and throughout the year. We’d be remiss not to inform you that certain seasons and conditions bring higher risks than others, and now is not the time to skip a home alarm installation. Keep reading to learn why and how an alarm system can ease your mind and protect your family.

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A Few Essentials to Add to Your Custom Security System


What You Need More Than Ever Because of the COVID-19 Crisis

If there was ever a time to invest in your custom security system, this is it. All of us in Hendersonville, TN, and surrounding areas are dealing with added stress and uncertainty because of this new coronavirus pandemic. The last worry we want to add is a nagging feeling that our families aren’t safe.

Though experts have disagreed regarding how this outbreak affects crime, most concur that the mixture of increased alcohol use, paired with job loss and lower emotional stability could very likely incentivize crime, especially burglary and vandalism. What security and surveillance tools are you currently using, and how will they prevent criminal activities?

Similarly, which security tools should you invest in now to get you through this time, that you’ll still appreciate when this epidemic passes? You’ll learn all of this and more below!

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3 Ways Our Home Alarm and Security Installations Weather Storms


How We Protect Your Tennessee Home During Storms

It seems that just yesterday, Nashville received warning about an incoming F3 tornado. For many, that warning came too late; an estimated two dozen people died, and even more were injured. Soon, we saw #PrayforNashville become one of the most sweeping social media trends as people in our community posted images of their destroyed homes and businesses for the world to see.

According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory, an average of 1,200 tornadoes occur every year in the United States, so homeowners need to be prepared at a moment’s notice. Here in Middle Tennessee, we deal with plenty of adverse weather activity, from tornadoes to floods to fires. How can your home alarm installation and security tools help you protect against dangerous spring storms and other incidentals? In this blog, we’ll explain not only how our alarm and security installations benefit you but also how they’ve proven immune to storm damage.

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Why You Should Hire a Local Home Security Monitoring Company


Protect Your Hendersonville, TN Home by Working with a Local Professional

When you’re away from your Tennessee home for long periods of time, how do you keep your home safe? Do you have a friend check on your home while you’re away, or do you have a contract with a large, impersonal security company? You can do better than that!

By choosing a local security company like Symspire for your home security monitoring services, you will receive a custom-built solution for your Hendersonville, TN property. Those things that are valuable to you will remain safe, whether you’re away for the day at work or on a long-term vacation.

Keep reading to learn more about how home security monitoring can keep your valuables protected and give you peace of mind.

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Winterize Your Tennessee Home With a Home Alarm Installation!


Let’s Look at Some Reasons Why Now’s the Right Time to Upgrade Your Security

Homeowners often begin their “winterization” projects as early as possible. As Franklin-area residents are finding the coziest way to hibernate, they might start by setting up the smart home devices they received as holiday gifts, sealing drafty windows or investing in motorized shades to keep them warm.

We also advise you to install an alarm system around this time. As you’ll see below, we’re in peak season for pipe freezes, house fires and lingering porch piracy. Get ahead of the season’s risks with home alarm installations that will manage natural risks and criminal activity while offering another enticing perk. Keep reading to learn more.

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Enjoy the Flexibility and Control of a Custom Security System!


Middle Tennessee’s Best Security Installations Demand a Forward-Thinking Approach. 

When you’re working with a custom security system installer like Symspire, you owe it to yourself to get the most from our services. We are inventive – continually looking for new ways to improve your experience, enhance your security and innovate our security concepts. Because we’re not stuck in our ways, you probably won’t end up with the same system as your Spring Hill neighbors.

Take advantage of this opportunity by adding unique features that maximally benefit you as well as a couple of ideas that could make your security solution stand out. Curious? Keep reading below to see what we recommend and learn about all the extra contingencies we add to your security suite.

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Why the Holidays Are a Prime Time for a Home Alarm Installation


Prepare for the Most Wonderful and Vulnerable Time of the Year

It’s October, which means most of us are already thinking about the holidays, and maybe even shopping or planning our Thanksgiving meal contributions. There’s no doubt the season heralds giving, love and joy. But even with all the merriment, Hendersonville, TN, homeowners like you have to be wary of increased criminal activity and other risks.

While you are enjoying dinners with faraway family, remember that criminals don’t take vacations. The good news is, neither does a professionally installed security system. With an expert home alarm installation, your family can have the peace of mind they deserve this holiday season. Keep reading to see how a home alarm setup benefits you and why we suggest acting now.

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Don’t Miss Your Chance to Enjoy This Smart Home Security Offer!


Our XTLplus System Is Fast, Simple, Secure – And on Sale!

As the Franklin, TN-area’s choice for smart home security, Symspire vets all our technology partners carefully to make sure you’re getting an exceptional product and value in every installation. That’s why you can depend on DMP Alarms’ XTLplusTM wireless security system to provide professional security that will keep your family and home safe.

The system comes custom configured with everything you need today and is scalable to handle any home innovations you plan later. If you’re looking for a complete home security suite that includes monitoring, remote access and more, XTLplus can help. Keep reading to see what you can get from this solution and why now is the perfect time to invest.

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A Control4 Dealer’s Guide to Smart Home OS 3


Everything You Need to Know About Using Control4’s Upgraded Operating System, Now with Video Support!

Maybe you’ve considered upgrading your Control4 system to the new and improved Smart Home OS 3, but you won’t be convinced until you see how it works. Or maybe you’ve already invested in the system, but you’re still a bit new to it and need a useful resource to reference later. We’re convinced this blog will help you in either scenario.

As a Control4 dealer deeply familiar with Control4’s new operating system, we’d love to showcase how to use OS 3’s greatest features so using it in your Brentwood, TN, home feels more intuitive.

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Why Choose Our Professional Home Security Monitoring?


Symspire offers 24/7/365-staffed security monitoring for ultimate protection

If you’ve used Symspire’s home monitoring services, you’ve experienced our integration know-how and service. You’ve seen how the right equipment and set-up make a difference: You know our home security tools are reliable, robust and user friendly, and that every installation comes with our guarantee of excellence.

Many of Symspire’s Brentwood, TN-area clients just like you are taking their home security monitoring to the next level to give them more peace of mind. What’s their secret? They not only have the best tools, expertly installed; they’ve invested in Symspire’s professional monitoring system as well.

How does staffed monitoring work and how does it prove even more valuable in protecting your home and family? Keep reading to discover what makes this additional service a worthwhile investment.

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Smart Home Security: What It Is and How It Helps Your Family


Explore a more proactive, comprehensive approach to your family’s safety.

Did you know that three in five Americans cited security as their predominant reason to own a smart home? Whether you’re moving into a new home or want to bolster the protection in your existing one, Symspire can open your eyes to the wonders of smart home security.

We’ll show you how these integrated solutions optimally protect your Nashville, TN, home, and more importantly, the family inside it. Keep reading to learn about this convenient, accessible technology and why we think you shouldn’t miss it.

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Building a New Home? 3 Reasons to Invest in an Alarm System


Optimally Protect Your Home and Family with a Home Alarm Installation!

If you’re in the middle of the arduous home-building process and considering all the elements that you want to include in the installation, we hope you’ve thought about home security. Amid many rapid-fire decisions about the architectural elements, fixtures and design touches you’re adding, it’s easy to forget what will keep it all safe – a robust home security system complete with all the necessary components.

Studies have shown that burglars are 2.7 times more likely to target homes without any safety measures in place. One perhaps underrated but crucial element in any successful installation is an alarm system. Read on for three compelling reasons that a home alarm installation will instill peace of mind while safeguarding your Spring Hill, TN, home.

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