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Why the Holidays Are a Prime Time for a Home Alarm Installation


Prepare for the Most Wonderful and Vulnerable Time of the Year

It’s October, which means most of us are already thinking about the holidays, and maybe even shopping or planning our Thanksgiving meal contributions. There’s no doubt the season heralds giving, love and joy. But even with all the merriment, Hendersonville, TN, homeowners like you have to be wary of increased criminal activity and other risks.

While you are enjoying dinners with faraway family, remember that criminals don’t take vacations. The good news is, neither does a professionally installed security system. With an expert home alarm installation, your family can have the peace of mind they deserve this holiday season. Keep reading to see how a home alarm setup benefits you and why we suggest acting now.

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A Perfect Storm of Criminal Activity

As much as we hate to mention it, criminals tend to thrive when people alter their regular schedules; a prime example is the holidays. Throughout the rest of the year, they might lurk and collect any information about your habits, such as when you leave for work and come home.

During the holidays, they see additional clues: You’re packing your car one day for what looks like a long trip, or they might learn that you leave around 8:30 p.m. every Saturday in December for parties. Studies have shown that holiday-related stress, as well as the increase in alcohol and drug use, exacerbates criminal inclinations. What are you currently doing to protect your home and family?

How Alarms Protect You

Security systems like also track your behavior, but they do it to counteract criminal activity and keep you safe. Machine learning monitors your daily patterns, such as when you usually lock doors, open your smart gate and turn on your “Away” scene. This intelligence benefits you because the system will notify you if anything seems unusual, and you can react in real time. If you investigate and think the situation warrants an alarm, you’re one button press away from sounding a loud alarm and scaring off the intruder. Connect your alarm to other smart home features like your lighting to flood the crime scene.

Unfortunately, any time you leave your property for a few days, your risk increases. But surveillance systems ease your mind by letting you inspect your home using our top-quality surveillance tools. Products like the suite offer comprehensive security solutions that connect these surveillance devices to alarms. You’ll receive a notification, look at the footage and decide whether or not to sound the alarm. At this point, our staff will call you to ensure that it’s not a false alarm and ask for a password verification to cancel. If a threat exists, we’ll make sure law enforcement arrives within minutes.

Other Dangers

We think it’s worth noting that not all of your home’s threats this season are criminals. Other dangers seem to catch homeowners off guard while they’re away. For example, natural gas leaks, floods and fires can happen at any time. When environmental risks strike, the sensors throughout your house trigger the alarm system right away, which can also alert your neighbors along with the authorities

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