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4 Easy Tips to Improve the Benefits of Your Whole House Audio


Let us help you enjoy your music the way it was meant to be heard, in any room of your home

In the age of streaming music services like Spotify and Apple Music, installing a whole-home audio system is an easy decision to make. But you also want a system that’s functional, easy to use and improves your lifestyle. We’re whole house audio experts at Symspire, and in this blog we’ll go through some pointers on how to create the perfect system for your Nashville, TN, home and how Control4 helps to bring it all together.

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The first and foremost question when designing your whole house audio system is this: Do you want wired speakers or wireless ones? Both types have pros and cons, depending on your situation. Wired speakers don’t draw attention, are easy to install and can be placed nearly anywhere in a room, which preserves your interior design aesthetic and generates a proper surround sound effect. On the other hand, wireless speakers lack the power of standing speakers, which might be a problem for larger spaces in your home.

Another crucial component is the receiver or audio matrix. The two key points to weigh here are the number of audio sources the gear can handle and whether it can power all of your devices. If all you need is a device that can handle one or two audio sources, a lower-grade receiver with a Speaker B switch is one way to help keep costs low. However, if you want multiple audio sources in different zones of your home, you need more advanced hardware.


Uniting your speakers under Control4 is a great way to enjoy music anywhere you want, but whole-home audio really comes to life when linked to other smart home features. Imagine sitting in your home theater and being able to turn on your speakers and TV, lower your shades and dim the lights with one command.

The right Control4 configuration offers seamless integration for all of these systems, giving you greater control and making everything simpler to use. We’ll also be sure to connect your audio system to any streaming music services you use.


Adding more connected devices to your automation systems means more strain on your home network. You need a reliable connection to keep everything running smoothly. A network that isn’t up to the task will result in frustrating communication issues between the different parts of your system. We can make sure that doesn’t happen by giving your network a boost.


The best way to make sure your whole-home audio needs are met is to work with knowledgeable, experienced professionals. We understand these systems very well, and we’ve been installing them for years. And if you have a problem, you can always call us to come address the issue.

Ready to give your whole house audio system a tune-up? Call us today at (615) 332-0093, visit us online or leave a message in the chat box in the corner of your browser.

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