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3 Smart Home Security System Features You Need to Consider


Don’t Skimp on These Features for Your Spring Hill Home

When you consider a new or upgraded smart home security solution for your home, your system should include the basics like surveillance cameras and system monitoring. Still, there are other considerations to make when selecting a system. From the method of data storage to how to arm and disarm your system, there are several options available on the market.

Symspire is your local Tennessee security specialist, and we can help you choose the best security features for your Spring Hill area home. Keep reading to learn three features you should incorporate.

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Remote Arming

Your home security system runs at its peak potential when armed. Similar to leaving the house and worrying that you left the oven on, you may leave the house and wonder if you forgot to arm your security system. If you or someone in the family forgets to arm the system, then your smart home will not be as safe as it’s designed to be. One of the most convenient aspects of a smart home security system is remote arming, which allows you to turn your alarm on or off with the tap of a button on your smart device.

You can also disarm your smart home’s security system remotely! If a delivery person comes to your home with a package, you turn off your alarm, speak to them through your video doorbell, and unlock your front door’s smart lock to allow the delivery person to set the package inside your home. Once the package is securely in your home, simply lock the smart lock and secure your system.

Cloud Storage Back-Up

Local and cloud storage are two data saving options for your home’s security system. Using a dual-storage setup allows you the data security of local storage with the peace of mind of a cloud storage back-up. You’ll easily be able to access footage from your smart home security system whether you’re on vacation, away at work, or taking a quick trip to the store. Not only can you access your footage, but you’ll be able to screen capture and share video and still images to the local authorities if you need.

A Robust Network

You may not immediately think of your home network as an essential piece of your home’s security system, but it is the backbone of your entire smart home. Not only can an upgraded home network installation secure your personal data more effectively, but the network traffic can be configured by zones to ensure none of your devices are battling for bandwidth or lagging. Devices on your smart security system should have their own dedicated subnetwork to further protect them in case of a cyber-attack.

If you’re ready to incorporate a smart home security into your Spring Hill, TN home, call us today at (615) 332-0093 or use our contact form to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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