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Control4 Neeo Remote Brings Power, Precision to Your Smart Home


New hardware uses touchscreen and buttons to bring greater simplicity to home automation

With all of the flashy systems and shiny components that make up your home automation system, one device risks falling through the cracks: The humble remote control. No matter how powerful the devices in your home are, if you can’t easily get them to do what you want, you’ll find yourself frustrated. You want a control device that’s sleek and well-designed, but also gives you quick and easy access to any system you want.

Enter the latest offering from Control4: The Neeo remote. The Neeo remote is built to harness and expand the capabilities offered by Control4’s recent OS 3 software update. With a beautiful design and powerful software, the Neeo is a must-have for anyone who currently has or is looking into a Control4 system. As a Control4 dealer, we can walk you through exactly how the Neeo benefits smart home residents in the Hendersonville, TN region.

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The first thing you’ll notice when you see the Neeo remote is its glossy design. Available in either white or black, the Neeo includes both tactile buttons and a touchscreen interface. The screen shows you what’s currently playing or streaming, along with giving you quick access to your favorite devices, while the physical buttons give you quick access to your most common commands. The body of the remote is aluminum and comes in a stylish black or silver finish.

The touchscreen part of the remote is 3” long, and it’s backlit to improve visibility. The large screen size allows you to quickly see whatever is playing in any given room while still allowing room for your favorites below. The remote’s OK button also doubles as a play/pause button, so you can spend more time enjoying your favorite movies and music, and less staring at your remote.


The Neeo remote controls more than just your TV, speakers, and other entertainment components. It can control anything connected to your Control4 system. Want to dim the smart lights in your kitchen? You can do it with the Neeo remote. Hear something suspicious outside? Use the Neeo to check your home security system and make sure everything’s OK.

The feature that really makes the Neeo a marvel of convenience is the Favorites system. You can program commonly used scenes and devices to stay on the touchscreen part of the remote. And Favorites are linked to individual remotes, so you can have different Favorites for your home theater and another for your living room.

If you already have a Control4 system, the Neeo is a no-brainer addition. If you’re thinking about installing home automation, a Neeo can make the experience much easier. Regardless, call us today to learn more about the features we have to offer as a Control4 dealer. Call us at 615-332-0093, visit our contact page, or leave a message in the chat box below.

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