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Winterize Your Tennessee Home With a Home Alarm Installation!


Let’s Look at Some Reasons Why Now’s the Right Time to Upgrade Your Security

Homeowners often begin their “winterization” projects as early as possible. As Franklin-area residents are finding the coziest way to hibernate, they might start by setting up the smart home devices they received as holiday gifts, sealing drafty windows or investing in motorized shades to keep them warm.

We also advise you to install an alarm system around this time. As you’ll see below, we’re in peak season for pipe freezes, house fires and lingering porch piracy. Get ahead of the season’s risks with home alarm installations that will manage natural risks and criminal activity while offering another enticing perk. Keep reading to learn more.

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Instant Alerts for Frozen Pipes

The Nashville area isn’t exactly known for our bitterly cold winters, but we still experience freezing temperatures more days than we can count every year, especially in January and February. Once your freeze detector senses an issue, you will receive an alert, asking how you want to proceed. Even though you might be physically distant from your home this season, you’ll always be seconds away from not only seeing your home but preventing any disaster that comes your way. We can set an alarm for a burst pipe in your home, and our emergency center will be alerted right away.

Porch Piracy Doesn’t Stop After the Holidays

75% of Americans are concerned about porch piracy today, according to a recent FedEx study. Due to companies like and the nearly unlimited number of other retailers with online stores, many of us have no reason to visit a physical storefront. Not only do belated gift-givers ship your packages well into the next month, but cold or dangerous weather drives many shoppers into increased online shopping.

Don’t let your guard down after the holidays pass! We recommend professional surveillance equipment that notifies you when someone approaches your door. Smart locks and video doorbell systems allow you to invite trusted delivery personnel into your home so that your packages are always invulnerable to theft. And if someone still tries to outsmart the surveillance cameras and steal something, we can set up an alarm system to mitigate them. A blaring alarm and flashing lights is often enough of a scare for many burglars to drop the package and run.

Mitigate Fire Risks

More home structure fires take place in January than any other month. Electrical fires caused by improper wiring are even more common during the winter months. First, you might be overstaining your HVAC system, which causes already overheated wires to spark. Second, many homeowners cook more during the winter, especially when you factor in increased indoor hospitality. Defend your family with a state-of-the-art smoke detection and alarm system that links up with our monitored emergency center.

Start Saving, Right in Time for the New Year

While you’re reviewing your retirement assets and holiday spending, think about some insurance savings opportunities you can snag, too. What does insurance have to do with home security? Insurance companies view your home as less of a liability when you have a robust alarm and security system and are thereby open to giving you substantial home coverage discounts. Talk to your provider to determine exact amounts, but some homeowners have seen savings as high as 20%.

Want to learn more about securing your home and saving money before winter begins? Give us a call at 615-332-0093 or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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