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Can Your Smart Security Camera System Promote Wellness?


Why Your Murfreesboro, TN Home Needs Surveillance Equipment Now

Though many factors remain constant when you’re designing your home security setup — like a smart security camera installation, integrated control and alarms — our changing world requires us to think bigger. Six months ago, we might have missed any correlation between wellness and security, but now we know that there’s a health-focused facet of, well, nearly everything. Keep reading to see how your home security can influence your emotional, and even physical, wellbeing.

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Surveillance Camera Installation 101: Where NOT to Place a Camera


How To Always Protect Privacy When Installing Cameras

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed some “do’s” of camera placement: near front doors, in garages, close to prominent side entrances. However, in this blog, we will note that the “don’ts” are also vitally important to something as complex and intelligent as surveillance cameras.

Making one of these security mistakes is easier than we’d like to admit when you’re trying to DIY your surveillance camera installation. And one small mistake could quickly land a homeowner in serious legal trouble.

Today, we’ll teach you what not to do when you’re responsibly protecting your Nashville, TN, home and what our professionals do instead.

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How Smart Home Security Helps Aging Loved Ones


Support Aging-in-Place Lifestyles With Technology

Seniors live with more risks overshadowing their daily activities. That’s why many seniors or their caretakers choose communities where the elderly can receive constant supervision. However, according to an study, 87% of seniors want to stay in their homes as they age, but they share fears about mobility, feeding themselves and staying safe.

This more recent lifestyle choice is commonly called “living in place.” Instead of heading off to a nursing home or elderly community, living in place gives older people the opportunity to spend their advanced years where they feel most comfortable –

at home. Find out how that’s possible with some integrated smart home security technologies that we install and customize right here in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

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A Few Essentials to Add to Your Custom Security System


What You Need More Than Ever Because of the COVID-19 Crisis

If there was ever a time to invest in your custom security system, this is it. All of us in Hendersonville, TN, and surrounding areas are dealing with added stress and uncertainty because of this new coronavirus pandemic. The last worry we want to add is a nagging feeling that our families aren’t safe.

Though experts have disagreed regarding how this outbreak affects crime, most concur that the mixture of increased alcohol use, paired with job loss and lower emotional stability could very likely incentivize crime, especially burglary and vandalism. What security and surveillance tools are you currently using, and how will they prevent criminal activities?

Similarly, which security tools should you invest in now to get you through this time, that you’ll still appreciate when this epidemic passes? You’ll learn all of this and more below!

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3 Ways a Surveillance Camera Installation Can Protect You Now


Safety Counts More Than Ever During This Uncertain Time

The middle of March felt surreal for many people in Nashville, the United States and much of the world. We started the month with a booming economy and warmer days. Some of us had vacations planned; we looked forward to family gatherings, spring weddings and graduations — until the words “National Emergency” clouded our screens and disrupted our lives.

During this uncertain time, we’ve learned the value of being prepared, and that goes far beyond stocking your home with toilet paper. We recommend contacting Symspire to bolster your home security now with a surveillance camera installation that lets you monitor every corner of your property while helping you navigate this new normal. Keep reading for three reasons why this security tool provides the key to peace of mind, convenience and social distancing adherence for your Tennessee home. 

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Does Your Custom Security System Have Everything You Need?


We’ll Provide a Checklist to Ensure Your System Fully Covers You.

We cover a plethora of custom security system topics on our blog, from cameras to environmental sensors to staffed monitoring. Since we do this for a living, the various components all make sense to us. We understand almost intuitively which security tools suit your family.

However, in this blog, we’ll focus on you and your family by explaining what you might need in more practical terms and providing a comprehensive checklist for when you’re ready to get started on your security installation. Ready to learn what your Nashville, TN, home’s security suite might be missing? Glance through our checklist for some ideas.

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Introduction to Home Surveillance Camera Footage


Learn How You Can Manage Your Captured Video and More!

We’ve talked in detail about how a surveillance camera installation works when you’re looking at it externally, such as how we place them, how to select between common camera types and how we integrate them with your whole-home automation suite.

But how do these cameras assist families living in Brentwood, TN, homes? Now it’s time to take a more behind-the-scenes look at how these devices store information. Specifically, we’ll talk about how video storage works and benefits you, as well as some information regarding local vs. cloud storage and more. Stay tuned!

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Why You Should Hire a Local Home Security Monitoring Company


Protect Your Hendersonville, TN Home by Working with a Local Professional

When you’re away from your Tennessee home for long periods of time, how do you keep your home safe? Do you have a friend check on your home while you’re away, or do you have a contract with a large, impersonal security company? You can do better than that!

By choosing a local security company like Symspire for your home security monitoring services, you will receive a custom-built solution for your Hendersonville, TN property. Those things that are valuable to you will remain safe, whether you’re away for the day at work or on a long-term vacation.

Keep reading to learn more about how home security monitoring can keep your valuables protected and give you peace of mind.

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A Look Ahead At The Next Decade’s Home Safety Tools


Get More From Surveillance Camera Installations, Connectivity, Alarms and More

It wasn’t that long ago that smart home automation seemed like a futuristic myth made for a science fiction movie. Now, however, it’s fast and unobtrusive enough to blend right into Spring Hill, TN, homes almost imperceptibly.

We could say the same about our smart home security solutions. The last decade showed us advancements like video doorbells, smart locks, IoT-connected security, voice control, greater surveillance camera installation options, remote access – and other mindblowing developments that prepared the upcoming decade for even more exciting change. Are you ready for it? Read on to see what we expect to see around the corner.

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