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3 Ways a Surveillance Camera Installation Can Protect You Now


Safety Counts More Than Ever During This Uncertain Time

The middle of March felt surreal for many people in Nashville, the United States and much of the world. We started the month with a booming economy and warmer days. Some of us had vacations planned; we looked forward to family gatherings, spring weddings and graduations — until the words “National Emergency” clouded our screens and disrupted our lives.

During this uncertain time, we’ve learned the value of being prepared, and that goes far beyond stocking your home with toilet paper. We recommend contacting Symspire to bolster your home security now with a surveillance camera installation that lets you monitor every corner of your property while helping you navigate this new normal. Keep reading for three reasons why this security tool provides the key to peace of mind, convenience and social distancing adherence for your Tennessee home. 

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Delivery Services

Now that Tennessee restaurants have closed except for delivery and takeout, many of us are getting our meals delivered to us when we aren’t cooking at home. As with everything in our new reality, the less contact you have with others, the safer you are. Outdoor cameras capture footage of who’s approaching your door, and connected video doorbell systems allow you to speak to the delivery person without getting even remotely near them. You can even answer their call through your TV screen.

video doorbell lets you provide clear instructions; for example, you can ask that the food be dropped off on the screened-in porch. Or, if you prefer, connect smart locks so that someone can drop food off inside the door if it’s raining — and no one ever has to touch the door with their hands!

Peace of Mind at Night

Sleep disturbances grow more common during uncertain times. Rest easier at night, knowing that you’ve done your best to protect your home and family. Experts offer conflicting ideas regarding how this new coronavirus will affect crime rates, but many agree that increased restlessness, boredom and alcohol consumption could lead criminals to loot and vandalize homes.

If you think like a criminal, you can deduce that the most viable opportunity to commit crimes occurs when quarantined residents are sleeping and paying less attention to their surroundings.

A surveillance camera installation alerts you if someone approaches your property and shows you live footage of the person approaching. If you don’t recognize them, you can trigger an alert, which will then notify our 24/7 monitoring staff. We’ll send law enforcement to the scene immediately.

…And All Day

It’s nice outside, and the last thing parents and kids want is to stay cooped up inside all day. Keep track of your children’s whereabouts with outdoor cameras. Cameras with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities give you access to scan the yard and narrow in on anything that looks hazardous, like a stray dog wandering around.

Many parents face the challenge of homeschooling their kids while balancing their various work-from-home tasks. You can’t be everywhere at once, so let your indoor cameras act as a second pair of eyes and make sure that your children are watching their teacher’s video-conference lessons and doing their homework.

Contact Symspire Today!

If you’ve been considering a surveillance camera installation or other security tools, we recommend having us install these devices now, before the pandemic worsens. Give us a call at 615-332-0093, chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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