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Can Your Smart Security Camera System Promote Wellness?


Why Your Murfreesboro, TN Home Needs Surveillance Equipment Now

Though many factors remain constant when you’re designing your home security setup — like a smart security camera installation, integrated control and alarms — our changing world requires us to think bigger. Six months ago, we might have missed any correlation between wellness and security, but now we know that there’s a health-focused facet of, well, nearly everything. Keep reading to see how your home security can influence your emotional, and even physical, wellbeing.

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Home Security and Monitoring: Then and Now


From “Door Shakers” to Video Doorbells and More

Usually we focus our blogs on the here-and-now applications of smart home security systems – from their benefits to certain brands to ideal applications within Spring Hill, TN, homes like yours.

Today, however, we’ll look into security from a broader perspective to see how it fits into history. As it stands, we can press one button or speak one command into our automated home security monitoring systems and watch as it responds within milliseconds. But we didn’t just wake up one day to security systems this robust.

Every modern innovation got its start somewhere, and today we’ll examine how home security and monitoring developed over the years and what we expect to see in the future. Take this quick tour of how security systems developed and have since developed into new, unexpected territories.

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3 Reasons to Pre-Wire Your Home Security Monitoring System


Building New? We Recommend Adding Security and Surveillance ASAP.

You’ve just found the perfect place to build your home near Franklin, TN. You’ve already done much of the grunt work by investigating all the nearby schools and joining some community groups. You’ve also spent hours coordinating with architects, builders and designers to ensure that every detail goes to plan. If you’re trying to build peace of mind into your smart home design, we think you need to take one more critical step before the walls go up.

Though you can find high-quality wireless solutions for your smart home or retrofit your hardwiring project later, we don’t recommend either. You’ll save time, money and hassle by doing it now. We’ll walk you through three benefits of prewiring your home security monitoring below, so stay tuned.

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A Look Ahead At The Next Decade’s Home Safety Tools


Get More From Surveillance Camera Installations, Connectivity, Alarms and More

It wasn’t that long ago that smart home automation seemed like a futuristic myth made for a science fiction movie. Now, however, it’s fast and unobtrusive enough to blend right into Spring Hill, TN, homes almost imperceptibly.

We could say the same about our smart home security solutions. The last decade showed us advancements like video doorbells, smart locks, IoT-connected security, voice control, greater surveillance camera installation options, remote access – and other mindblowing developments that prepared the upcoming decade for even more exciting change. Are you ready for it? Read on to see what we expect to see around the corner.

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