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3 Reasons to Pre-Wire Your Home Security Monitoring System


Building New? We Recommend Adding Security and Surveillance ASAP.

You’ve just found the perfect place to build your home near Franklin, TN. You’ve already done much of the grunt work by investigating all the nearby schools and joining some community groups. You’ve also spent hours coordinating with architects, builders and designers to ensure that every detail goes to plan. If you’re trying to build peace of mind into your smart home design, we think you need to take one more critical step before the walls go up.

Though you can find high-quality wireless solutions for your smart home or retrofit your hardwiring project later, we don’t recommend either. You’ll save time, money and hassle by doing it now. We’ll walk you through three benefits of prewiring your home security monitoring below, so stay tuned.

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Smoother Data Transmission

You might have multiple applications throughout your home that compete for bandwidth, from your smart TV to your whole-home audio streaming. You never want your entertainment to consume so much bandwidth that your security system lags, or your network fails you completely, especially during a critical time.

A wired security system doesn’t pose the same threats because the data transmission is routed directly, through wires, from the control system to the alarm or security device. Also, wireless devices operate with batteries, which can lose power at any time.

Plus, Symspire provides a cellular backup for all security devices so that you get the nonstop reliability that your family deserves. Our cellular backup runs on its dedicated cellular network, independent from either a wired or wireless connection, giving you foolproof security that you can always trust.

Greater Data Security

Wired connections prove much more impervious to hackers. First of all, no one can crack a code and break into your password-protected network. You also don’t have to worry about installing firewalls, guest networks or other hassles inherent to wireless setups.

You also must safeguard against a popular crime trend called Wi-Fi jamming, which manipulates wireless radio frequency signals and renders your devices inoperable. And yes — Symspire’s wireless solutions contain jam blockers to circumvent this issue — but wouldn’t you love to prevent this risk in the first place?

Impressive Scalability

You might want to start with a foundational security system and build in more flashy capabilities later, for example, some outdoor audio or lighting to amplify your setup. When your security wiring’s foundation is strong, anything you add to the system takes less time to install, meaning less downtime for you. When it’s time for us to add something, fine-tune issues or fix a problem, we save your time by going straight to the source and reconfiguring the cabling.

Not to mention, your cabling setup will look much more attractive when Symspire streamlines all of your wires, including the cabling we install for your distributed A/V, lighting and automation systems, into one rack. Contact Symspire Today!
Building a smart home? Don’t wait to wire your security system: Call us today at (615) 332-0093, chat with us using the button at the bottom of your browser, or use our contact form. We can’t wait to secure your new home!

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