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Why You Need a Home Alarm Installation More Than Ever


Summer and Pandemics Pose Additional Risk: Here’s How Alarms Can Help

Even in Brentwood, Tennessee’s most high-cost neighborhoods, crime can happen when you least expect it and usually with zero notice. Also, keep in mind a statistic we found in an FBI report: Around every 15 seconds, a burglary occurs in the U.S. Another shocking stat: Those without a monitored alarm system are three times more likely to experience a break-in than someone with a system.

That’s why we at Symspire always recommend a reliable, easy-to-use system that homeowners can trust around the clock and throughout the year. We’d be remiss not to inform you that certain seasons and conditions bring higher risks than others, and now is not the time to skip a home alarm installation. Keep reading to learn why and how an alarm system can ease your mind and protect your family.

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Contrary to the popular Gershwin song, summertime doesn’t always mean that “the livin’ is easy.” In fact, crimes often ramp up as temperatures steadily rise. The FBI found that several major crimes ranked at least ten percent higher from June to August, year after year.

Many other factors go into the crime uptick. Days are longer, allowing more time to perform criminal activity. And who doesn’t love a late spring or summer breeze entering their home? Many people let their guard down and keep entries and windows open most of the day.

Another thought: What if the airports reopen for business and your Brentwood family leaves for vacation? You can bet that criminals will capitalize on that opportunity to vandalize or invade an empty house. Be prepared by adding an alarm system that you can arm remotely. Miles away from home? Our CSAA Five-Diamond Certified team will also hear the alert and promptly resolve the issue.

Our Changing World

We understand that everyone, from the media to family and friends, has exhausted the pandemic discussion, but we must address the safety concerns that the situation brings. Your whole family probably works and learns from home now, so it’s your responsibility to provide a safer environment.

According to Lorraine Carli, vice president of Outreach and Advocacy at the National Fire Protection Association, most fires happen with unattended cooking or baking projects. “As people spend much more time at home and engage in activities that significantly contribute to the home fire problem, it’s critical that they recognize where potential hazards exist and what they can do to prevent fires.”

If you forgot you baked a cake one evening and fall asleep on the couch, you don’t have many defenses without a fire alarm to wake you up and prompt emergency action. Again, Symspire’s fire alarm systems also instantly inform our monitoring staff of the incident so they can send help immediately.

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How can a home alarm installation provide a more comfortable home experience for you and your family, even as risk factors increase? We’ll talk you through the details, including the products we sell, while answering any questions you have during our hassle-free consultation.

Contact one of our specialists at 615-332-0093 or by chatting live with us below to initiate your hassle-free, no-charge consultation. We look forward to speaking with you!

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