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4 Ways to Prevent “Porch Pirates” With Your Home Security System!


Keep Deliveries Safe with Improved Home Surveillance Measures

You’ve heard the term before: “Porch pirates.” We all love to indulge in some online shopping from time to time, and we’d hate to see our valuables stolen from our porch between when the postal service delivers it and when we take it inside.

Unfortunately, porch pirates take advantage of that vulnerable window of time and nab packages when we’re not looking. It could easily happen to you: One study by estimates that 25.9 million Americans have had a package swiped from their doorstep before they could retrieve it.

How can you use your home security system to ensure that your packages left at the front door stay safe? Fortunately, Symspire is the Nashville area’s trusted source for a personalized home security system that fits your unique needs. We look forward to the opportunity to protect your Brentwood, TN home from these unfortunate, costly incidents. Keep reading to see how!

Why Choose Our Professional Home Security Monitoring?


Symspire offers 24/7/365-staffed security monitoring for ultimate protection

If you’ve used Symspire’s home monitoring services, you’ve experienced our integration know-how and service. You’ve seen how the right equipment and set-up make a difference: You know our home security tools are reliable, robust and user friendly, and that every installation comes with our guarantee of excellence.

Many of Symspire’s Brentwood, TN-area clients just like you are taking their home security monitoring to the next level to give them more peace of mind. What’s their secret? They not only have the best tools, expertly installed; they’ve invested in Symspire’s professional monitoring system as well.

How does staffed monitoring work and how does it prove even more valuable in protecting your home and family? Keep reading to discover what makes this additional service a worthwhile investment.



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