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4 Ways to Prevent “Porch Pirates” With Your Home Security System!


Keep Deliveries Safe with Improved Home Surveillance Measures

You’ve heard the term before: “Porch pirates.” We all love to indulge in some online shopping from time to time, and we’d hate to see our valuables stolen from our porch between when the postal service delivers it and when we take it inside.

Unfortunately, porch pirates take advantage of that vulnerable window of time and nab packages when we’re not looking. It could easily happen to you: One study by estimates that 25.9 million Americans have had a package swiped from their doorstep before they could retrieve it.

How can you use your home security system to ensure that your packages left at the front door stay safe? Fortunately, Symspire is the Nashville area’s trusted source for a personalized home security system that fits your unique needs. We look forward to the opportunity to protect your Brentwood, TN home from these unfortunate, costly incidents. Keep reading to see how!

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Video Surveillance

Whether you’ve left those packages on your porch for days due to business travel or vacation, or you’ve just missed the delivery during a typical workday, video surveillance should give you peace of mind.

Whenever motion sensors detect suspicious activity near your front door, you should receive alerts sent directly to your smartphone or email address. We highly recommend sensitive, high-quality cameras that recognize faces so that law enforcement professionals can find suspects.

You can also warn criminals that they’re under surveillance by adding a yard sign or sticker somewhere conspicuous that lets them know you’ve invested in home security.

Video Doorbells

You can also change your approach with the delivery service you use by asking them to use the video doorbell when they deliver the package. You can glance at your smart home security application and see who arrived.

This is where smart locks can come in handy. As you communicate with your guest at the front door, you can remotely unlock the door for them so they can bring the package inside safely.

Remote Access

Having constant access to your home’s surroundings is key to preventing thieves. Research shows that the longer you’re away, the higher the crime risk. We use and Control4 home security applications to allow users access to their home’s interior and external areas.

Remote access will serve you far beyond mitigating porch piracy. With an inside look into your home, you can also monitor your family’s whereabouts and make sure your lights are off, doors or closed, or whatever other information that would ease your mind when you’re away.

Camera Positioning

Of course, none of this can be effective without adequate camera coverage and positioning. Ensure that you’ve covered all your bases by letting a team of professionals place your home security cameras anywhere where porch piracy might occur — most notably, your front or side porch areas.

Nashville’s Home Security Solution

Even with all the most robust technology to assist you, we know that you can’t guard your home 24/7/365. That’s why Symspire’s team is here to help. If we notice any suspicious activity, we respond in seconds by informing law enforcement professionals. In fact, our sense of urgency and professionalism has earned us the Five Diamond Certification from the Central Station Alarm Association.

Want to learn more about Symspire’s customized approach to protecting your home from package thieves? Give us a call or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us.

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