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Why Integrate Your Security System with Smart Home Technology?


Nashville’s Local Security and Surveillance Company Also is a Proud Control4 Dealer!

When a smart home automation system is all synched up, its many capabilities collaborate, creating a more convenient life for you. With our smart home integration projects, Symspire has successfully fused multiple security controls together, from video doorbells to cameras to alarm systems.

We can’t think of a better example of integration than home security. As a full-service security and surveillance company serving Hendersonville and the entire state of Tennessee, we at Symspire believe unexpected elements like lighting, shades and more should also complement your home security systems. The more we integrate your technology, the more efficiently you can manage your house.

With the astounding capabilities of Control4, you can obtain a superior smart security system for your home. Keep reading to see some of the many opportunities that Symspire would like to explore with you.

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Faking Occupancy

The last thing you want when you’re miles from home is a thief or vandal invading your your house. With some strategic help from your Control4 applications, you can evade this danger by creating a foolproof “mockupancy” scene using your lighting, surveillance equipment and motorized shades.

How? When you set a fake occupancy, you’re giving the illusion that someone’s there, warding off potential criminals. That means the lights will turn on when you usually come home, the shades will lower and the outdoor path lighting will activate.

If you have a media room or another space full of expensive possessions, you can program the shades and lights to keep that room closed from view.

Locking Your Door and More

Control4’s Intercom Anywhere accesses your home and backyard remotely, so as soon as someone rings the doorbell, you can see who arrived at your door (or gate) and instantly unlock it for them.

Communicate with your family through video panels, and make sure that everything back home runs smoothly. If you’re curious about the housekeeper’s arrival time or your children’s homework status, you can find out answers at the speed of technology.

Remote access proves especially helpful with smart locks, which allow you to lock or unlock any equipped door from your phone. For added protection, you can secure certain rooms and keep them inaccessible to anyone but you. You’ll also receive push notifications when an authorized person unlocks the door; someone rings the doorbell; someone suspicious enters the premises and more.


If you have an updated Control4 system, we highly recommend trying the When>>Then integration. With C4’s OS 2.10 release, you can configure your home control for if/then commands such as “When Jill gets home, turn on the first-floor lights!”

What happens next? As Jill types in her personalized code on your smart lock system, it will communicate with your home’s central Control4 hub, which in turn will turn on all of the lights on the first floor. Conversely, you can use When >> Then automation to easily program any scene or command you find convenient for your lifestyle.

A helpful update since its release at CEDIA 2017, the When>>Then AI displays how automation can work together and respond intuitively to common-sense commands.

Try Symspire!

We believe that your smart home is the sum of its parts, and all these technologies working together can create the seamless functionality you deserve for your security investment.

Want to learn more about the services our security and surveillance company can provide for your Tennessee home in the Hendersonville area? Give us a call, chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-hassle consultation.

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