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How Many Security Cameras Do I Need? A Guide for Tennessee Homes


Minimize Blind Spots & Keep Your Property Protected

With today’s smart technology, more homeowners are realizing they can take their security beyond alarms at the front entrance. Surveillance cameras are an increasingly popular residential installation, and as a home security company, we frequently receive these requests.

But if you want to ensure your Murfreesboro, TN home is protected, you’ll need more than a single video doorbell. For instance, what if someone tries to enter your house through the backyard? Or sneak in from the side? You won’t be able to catch that from the front door camera, and by the time they’re at the entrance or window, it may be too late to take action.

We work with homeowners and businesses across Middle Tennessee to safeguard their properties with remote access and monitoring. If you’re considering a new surveillance system, follow our guidelines below to find exactly what you need.

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Strengthen Your Security Camera System with Video Analytics


Discover How Video Analytics Work & How to Get Started

Typically, when security cameras detect activity, they send a notification to your phone right away. That’s convenient—until it’s pinging you several times a day about the cat walking on the porch or a car driving by on the street. 

Too many alerts might lead you to ignore or mute notifications altogether. But then you run the risk of missing an important alert. So how can homeowners use their smart security camera system to stay safe—without going crazy? Two words: video analytics.

With video analytic software incorporated in your smart cameras, you’ll cut back on false alarms and will only be notified about activity that matters. Whether you’re protecting one home or several properties, makes it easier to manage notifications through video analytics. We’ll share how intelligent cameras work and your options for your Nashville, TN home below. 

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What Does Video Analytics Do?

Video analytic software lets your system notify you about certain camera events while ignoring less important activities.’s video analytics are highly customizable and recognize the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. Video analytics make it easier to search through footage, too, if you need to find evidence later on. 

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What Architects & Designers Need to Know About Smart Security


Give Your Clients the Technology They Really Want

“Security is not an add-on; rather it’s thinking holistically about a building site or concept,” says Patrick Gilbert, AIA, a senior architect with Gresham, Smith, and Partners.

If you’re an architect or designer in the Lebanon, TN area, it’s time to start thinking about security. While many homeowners will install smart technology after they’ve moved in, the best move is to install a security system before construction is complete. For the forward-thinking client, a new home build should already include planning and wiring for home automation.

As a home security company based in Middle Tennessee, we’ll share why it’s valuable to include a security camera installation into your design plans and how we can be of service to your future design projects.

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3 Smart Home Security System Features You Need to Consider


Don’t Skimp on These Features for Your Spring Hill Home

When you consider a new or upgraded smart home security solution for your home, your system should include the basics like surveillance cameras and system monitoring. Still, there are other considerations to make when selecting a system. From the method of data storage to how to arm and disarm your system, there are several options available on the market.

Symspire is your local Tennessee security specialist, and we can help you choose the best security features for your Spring Hill area home. Keep reading to learn three features you should incorporate.

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4 Strategic Placements for Home Surveillance Cameras


Where to Position Cameras to Secure Your Property – And Why Each Location is Important

“Location, location, location” is the phrase you often heard when scouting out the perfect home here in the Nashville, Tennessee area, but did you know that mantra also applies to your security cameras?

At Symspire, we’ve been installing home surveillance and security equipment locally for decades – long enough to know that even the best camera equipment is ineffective if it’s not positioned to maximize your home security.

Why? As much as we dislike thinking about this topic, some areas in and around your home are more vulnerable than others – meaning, more likely to experience break-ins, porch piracy, vandalism and other criminal activity.

Does your current surveillance camera placement effectively target risk areas and mitigate hazard? Are there any areas where you shouldn’t place cameras? We’ll give you a quick overview of where you should have cameras, and how Symspire can help.

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The Best Uses for Any Home Surveillance System


Keep Your Family and Home Safe at All Times

Ensuring your property’s – and more importantly – your family’s safety is no doubt a top priority for you.

A high-performance home surveillance system can give you needed peace of mind and help you keep an eye out on everything happening in and around your home in the Nashville area. But what are the best ways you can put your system to use to make sure you’re always on top of your property’s surroundings and happenings?

In this blog, we’ll go through the top beneficial ways you can utilize your home surveillance system and cameras so that you always know what is going on at your house.

Keep reading below to find out more about this system’s many features and advantages, and how you can optimize them to fit your needs.

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