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Amplify Your Audio & Video with a Smart Home System


Make the Most of Your Home Entertainment & Daily Routines 

How do you currently enjoy music and TV in your Nashville home? Perhaps you own a portable speaker that you move around the house when inspiration strikes. Maybe you have a projector or smart TV in the home theater. 

But what do you do if you start a movie outside, and then want to continue it in the bedroom? How quickly can you assemble that? Can your music follow you from one end of the house to another? With a whole-home audio-video system, your favorite entertainment is more accessible than ever. 

As a home audio-video expert based in Nashville, TN, we design and install systems that suit anyone’s lifestyle. How can multi-room AV enhance your home? Read on for inspiration. 

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Dream Big with a Multi-Room Speaker System


Imagine the Possibilities for Your Whole-Home Audio Setup

How do you listen to music at home? Do you usually use headphones or connect your phone to a portable speaker? Maybe you own a turntable and vinyl collection with two-channel audio. Those are fine ways to listen, but what happens when you walk away to another room or upstairs? The music falls out of earshot, and you miss that lively atmosphere.

That’s what makes whole-home audio so valuable. Music follows you wherever you go, and you don’t have to close yourself off from conversations like you would with headphones.

We get excited about multi-room audio because there are so many possibilities to bring to your Gallatin, TN home. Read on to get inspired for your new multi-room speaker system!

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Home Automation Gift Ideas for a ‘Smart’ Holiday Season


Smart Gadgets & Systems Tennessee Homeowners Love

Are you looking for a special, useful gift to share with a loved one this holiday? Maybe you want to find something they’ll never forget—but are feeling a little stumped. And if your relative or friend has a December birthday, there’s even more pressure to think creatively.

If you’re searching for something they’ll use in their daily life, have you considered a device they can pair with whole home automation? Whether they’re new to smart technology or already have a Control4 system in their Murfreesboro, TN-area home, get inspired by these automated gift ideas.

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Builders: 3 Reasons Now Is the Time to Install a Multi-Room Speaker System


Bring modern homebuyers a top-wanted feature!

Nashville-area builders are always looking for ways to enhance their new constructions. No discriminating shopper is looking for a cookie-cutter home, especially now that smart home features are the new normal across Middle Tennessee. Did you know that more than half of residential spaces are expected to be smart in the next couple of years?

That’s good news for entertainment seekers because connected speakers, smart TVs and streaming services integrate with smart home automation systems, like Control4, giving users a luxurious way to control distinct AV zones from one app and play, pause and adjust anytime, anywhere in their home. The downside of all this available technology is that some brave homeowners attempt to install it themselves, leading to miswiring, damaged walls and countless expenses.

Impress your high-value customers by adding multi-room speaker systems. Keep reading to see why now is the right time to convince your clients to try distributed audio.

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