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3 Essential Home Theater Features You Shouldn’t Forget


Proper home theater design includes accounting for more than just your TV and speakers

Whenever you sit down to watch a movie in your home theater, the most obvious elements of the experience are your TV and sound system. But for the absolute best in entertainment, you have to think about more than just the quality of your screen and speakers. Other room features have a significant impact on how you and your guests feel as you watch.

With that in mind, we have a special blog for residents of Brentwood and other nearby parts of Tennessee. We’ll walk you through three crucial traits to remember when you’re thinking about home theater design.

What CEDIA 2019 Showed Us About Home Theater Design


8K TVs and Voice Control Stole the Show

The CEDIA Expo is when many consumer electronics brands unveil their latest and greatest products, and this year’s show in Denver was no different. When it comes to home theaters, there were two hot topics: 8K TVs and the expansion of voice control.

If you’re going to incorporate either of these technologies into your home theater design, you need to know a little about them. Today’s blog will give you a basic familiarity with what these devices can do and how they can improve your Nashville home.

Hire an Integrator to Build Your Dream Home Theater


Harness our expertise to create a beautiful, comfortable viewing space with superior video and audio quality

A home theater isn’t like any other room in your home. It’s designed for a specific purpose: To give you the best video and auditory experience possible in a pristine environment. Creating a space like this is a substantial investment on your part, and it requires specific expertise with the high-end components you’ll need.

If you’re going to embark on a project like this, it’s important to get professional help from a knowledgeable partner. Here’s why you want to hire an integrator like Symspire to handle the home theater design and installation for your Hendersonville, TN home.

3 Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid


And How Your Instincts and Common Wisdom May Mislead You

When we start building a home theater design concept, form and function are not only crucial but interrelated. A theater or media room can look attractive, but if the technology is difficult to use, it detracts from the aesthetic. No one wants to spend time in an unsightly entertainment space, even if you invested a lot into the technology.

Symspire looks at the big picture when creating home theaters to avoid major pitfalls that we constantly see in the entertainment spaces we upgrade. Home theaters have many variables that require a professional’s touch – room specifications, design needs, wiring, acoustics, lighting and countless other factors determine a room’s form and functionality. An expert integrator can also bypass some design myths that perpetuate unattractive or poorly functioning spaces. Keep reading to see which of these misconceptions you’ve heard before.



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