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The 4 C’s of Control4


Why Is This Innovative Solution the Secret to Your Whole Home Automation?

Whether you’re new to the Brentwood, TN, area, or hoping to upgrade a home you’ve lived in for a while, whole-home automation can turn everyday living into a luxury experience. The industry has a few top-name integrated home options and countless DIY tools, but nothing we’ve found rivals the user experience and comprehensive functionalities of Control4, and we’re about to reveal why.

When you collaborate with a certified Control4 dealer like Symspire, you take advantage of our expert guidance on technology and solutions for your Brentwood, TN home. Ready to find out more? Check out the four C’s of working with Control4!

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Why Choose a Professional Home Theater Company? 4 Key Reasons


Don’t Settle for a DIY Build of This High-Potential Space

Many people dream of installing a home theater in their Tennessee homes. Now that you have fewer opportunities to enjoy Nashville’s live entertainment, and you might feel less comfortable going to the cineplex, look more closely into what you can enjoy at home.

But before you rush out to buy and install a big TV or the most expensive speakers that big-box store salespeople convince you to take home, we suggest at least talking to the experts at Middle Tennessee’s premium home theater company, Symspire. Read on for four convincing reasons why you should work with a professional AV specialist for this critical space.

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3 Home Theater Design Mistakes to Avoid


And How Your Instincts and Common Wisdom May Mislead You

When we start building a home theater design concept, form and function are not only crucial but interrelated. A theater or media room can look attractive, but if the technology is difficult to use, it detracts from the aesthetic. No one wants to spend time in an unsightly entertainment space, even if you invested a lot into the technology.

Symspire looks at the big picture when creating home theaters to avoid major pitfalls that we constantly see in the entertainment spaces we upgrade. Home theaters have many variables that require a professional’s touch – room specifications, design needs, wiring, acoustics, lighting and countless other factors determine a room’s form and functionality. An expert integrator can also bypass some design myths that perpetuate unattractive or poorly functioning spaces. Keep reading to see which of these misconceptions you’ve heard before.

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4 Reasons You Should Enlist Experts for Your Outdoor AV System


Don’t DIY This Tricky Installation: Here’s Why!

Many people feel torn between staying inside to watch their movies and shows or venturing outside to enjoy the fresh air. Because we’ve covered this topic in previous blogs, you probably know by now that you don’t need to sacrifice either when you get an outdoor AV system for your Hendersonville, TN, home.

After all, you couldn’t find a more ideal time to get a new outdoor AV system if you tried. The weather feels balmy enough for the pool during the day and chilly enough for patio sitting with wine at night. Social distancing measures still limit your activities somewhat, driving you to finish the shows you started while isolating. However, with the restrictions lifting slowly, you’re likely planning your Labor Day soirées and dinner parties now. All of these activities are more fun outside.

So, the most efficient solution is to install an outdoor AV system yourself, right? We have seen countless DIY projects gone wrong during our decades of industry experience, and we don’t want that to happen to you. Keep reading to learn why you’ll likely be disappointed with your AV quality if you don’t use an integrator.

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3 Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor AV System This Spring


Tired of Hanging Out on Your Couch? Mix Your Favorite Media With Fresh Air and Sunshine!

Whenever the weather improves here in Brentwood, TN, we usually start imagining how to spend our time outdoors. This spring is no different in that regard, but how we choose to enjoy our outdoor spaces might look a little different, and admittedly, less social. At Symspire, we understand the challenges you’re facing and want to help you get through them. As always, we keep safety top of mind for our customers, and you can read about the extra precautions we’re taking here.

This pandemic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fun! Take advantage of family time or unwind alone. No matter what mood strikes you, it all starts with a professionally installed outdoor AV system. Keep reading for three ideas about what to do while you practice social distancing.

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A Control4 Dealer’s Guide to Smart Home OS 3


Everything You Need to Know About Using Control4’s Upgraded Operating System, Now with Video Support!

Maybe you’ve considered upgrading your Control4 system to the new and improved Smart Home OS 3, but you won’t be convinced until you see how it works. Or maybe you’ve already invested in the system, but you’re still a bit new to it and need a useful resource to reference later. We’re convinced this blog will help you in either scenario.

As a Control4 dealer deeply familiar with Control4’s new operating system, we’d love to showcase how to use OS 3’s greatest features so using it in your Brentwood, TN, home feels more intuitive.

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Picture This: A Perfect Summer Saturday With an Outdoor AV System!


What would your day look like if you made this investment?

Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if your Nashville, TN, home were filled with entertainment, inside and out? Where you could venture outside and hear the same beautiful music that you enjoy indoors, or resume your movie on the back patio on a quiet, balmy night?

When you expand your entertainment beyond your four walls, your options become nearly limitless. Do you want to get an idea of how an outdoor A/V system would play out in real life? Keep reading for a brief, enjoyable day-in-the-life of how you might experience this upgrade during a perfect Saturday in August.

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