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A Control4 Dealer’s Guide to Smart Home OS 3


Everything You Need to Know About Using Control4’s Upgraded Operating System, Now with Video Support!

Maybe you’ve considered upgrading your Control4 system to the new and improved Smart Home OS 3, but you won’t be convinced until you see how it works. Or maybe you’ve already invested in the system, but you’re still a bit new to it and need a useful resource to reference later. We’re convinced this blog will help you in either scenario.

As a Control4 dealer deeply familiar with Control4’s new operating system, we’d love to showcase how to use OS 3’s greatest features so using it in your Brentwood, TN, home feels more intuitive.

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Basic Navigation


The video above shows you just how simple integrated home control can be with the help of the new Control4 operating system. Switch easily between rooms and add most commonly used applications and spaces to your “Favorites.” Slide your finger to view the next room, and tap any of the icons to explore virtually anything connected to your system, from turning off lights to playing Netflix to controlling the temperature.

Safety and Surveillance

Secure your home no matter where you are by tapping the security icon from any room. View options within the security category, such as surveillance, cameras and arming to operate each. Away for a few days? You can also use these intuitive controls from your smartphone’s Control4 app. Using your security screen, easily scan the status of locks, alarms and sensors throughout the house. You also have access to an emergency button to quickly contact authorities if needed.

Lighting Scenes


Program your very own lighting scene for every occasion by selecting a room and then the “Lighting” application. Tap the edit pencil on the top right, then the plus sign, and then choose the rooms you want to include. Select how many lights you want to turn on in a given area and the ideal lighting levels for each. Then, name your scene and pull it up easily whenever you want.

Easier Entertainment Use


The Active Media Bar is one of our early users’ favorite upgrades because it makes multi-room audio and video a cinch. Choose a room, or an outdoor space, to start adjusting the listening experience. From there, you can select the streaming service you want to activate and the specific channel that matches your mood.

You can use the media bar to zoom in on the album you’re enjoying or view lyrics. Take advantage of the feature’s ability to give you an all-access pass on your whole home music: You can adjust the volume, check the sound quality, skip or replay songs in any room and much more.

Call Us Today!

Now you’ve seen how Control4’s Smart Home OS 3 works: You’ve discovered its unparalleled ease of use when navigating every room and device.

If you’re ready to see it in action within your Brentwood home, don’t hesitate to call Symspire at 615-332-0093, contact us here, or click on the chat-box on the lower-right corner of your browser. We look forward to hearing from you!

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