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Home Automation: Your Home at Your Fingertips

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Symspire home automation services

It’s All About Remote Control

Our automated home systems make it easy to control your home environment, entertaining and security all from easy-to-use devices and apps.

automated controls for a smart home
residential lighting control systems in Nashville

Adjust Your Environment Effortlessly

Our lighting automation features allow you to open and close your blinds or drapes, adjust your lighting in any room of your home, and even set these functions to a timer. Imagine waking up to your blinds opening in the morning, or your lights coming on when you turn into your driveway at night.

a glimpse into our automated home systems
create space for your family with home automation

Entertain with Ease

Easily control your entertainment in multiple rooms with the same devices that lower your shades, dim the lights, and adjust your thermostat. Our system integrates with your favorite brands flawlessly.

Outdoor automated systems for home
Sleep in with automated lighting, window treatments, and more!
Smart home theater installation from Symspire
home security system access through phone app
home automation extends beyond media and includes home security

Security Beyond Compare

We offer you the power to secure your entire home from your phone, computer, tablet or control panel any time, anywhere. Our highly secured monitoring solutions, coupled with video surveillance and touch screen controls, are scalable to any size home.

Control your thermostat by phone with our automated home systems

Control Your Heat and Air from Anywhere

a look inside our home automation solutions
  • Keep your home at a comfortable level and save energy.
  • Integrate all your intelligent home systems seamlessly with professional installation.
  • Control your lights remotely or set them to automatically adjust when you leave and return home.
  • Monitor energy use and receive¬†recommendations to achieve optimal energy performance.
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automated controls for a smart home
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