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Improve Outdoor Security with Surveillance Camera Installation

A man speaking into a walkie talkie while watching security camera feeds on multiple screens.

Why Outdoor Cameras Are a Critical Piece of a Robust Home Security Plan

Homeowners in Nashville and Middle Tennessee can benefit from surveillance camera installations both inside and outside their homes. Having cameras inside can catch criminals in the act, while having cameras outside your home may work to deter such activities in the first place. Essentially, surveillance cameras inside and out deliver a one-two punch to offenders.

Continue reading to learn how an outdoor surveillance camera installation can improve your home security strategy and provide greater peace of mind.

Go Cutting-Edge at Home with These Trends in AV Installation

A contemporary living room with a large grey couch and a TV on the wall with floor-standing speakers on either side of it.

Immersive and Personalized AV Solutions Enhance Home Entertainment Experiences

Does your home entertainment have a “Wow” factor? With today’s cutting-edge technology options, you can upgrade your home entertainment to deliver new impact. Immersive and personalized AV solutions are transforming the home entertainment industry, and watching movies, sports, or gaming at home will never be the same. Continue reading to explore some of the latest trends in AV installation available for homeowners in the Brentwood and surrounding Middle and Eastern Tennessee areas.

Protect Your Residence with Our Full Suite of Home Security Services

An image and phone notification of a person peering into a garage door overlaid over an image of a security camera.

Access Security Services Conveniently on Your Smartphone

A peaceful night of rest is only possible when you feel 100% confident in your home’s security protections. At Symspire, we take home security seriously. We are a third-generation business that leverages technology and thoughtful strategy to protect people and property across Middle Tennessee. We offer a comprehensive suite of home security services and deliver them with friendly and professional assistance to help you feel more secure in your home in the Nashville, TN, area. Continue reading to learn more about the suite of home security services available through Symspire.

Keyless Entry, Maximum Security: Exploring Home Access Controls

Image is of someone holding a keycard up to an access control panel.

Secure your home with the newest technology on the market!

Have you heard of home access control? In modern home security, access control systems have changed how homeowners keep their homes safe. No longer reliant on traditional keys that can be lost, stolen, or duplicated, modern keyless entry systems offer convenience, flexibility, and maximum security. 

Symspire specializes in installing these cutting-edge solutions for your home in Franklin and the surrounding Eastern Tennessee region. If you’d like to learn more about these systems and what they can do, look no further than working with Symspire today.




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