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Should I DIY Home Automation or Hire a Smart Home Company?


These 3 Questions Will Help You Find the Best Solution

If you’re interested in a personalized smart home system, you’re faced with a decision: do you do the installation yourself or hire a professional?

That depends on what type of smart home experience you’re looking for. If you’re interested in only one or two smart features, you may be fine with a DIY setup. But for a fully automated household, a smart home professional can program and install a sophisticated system that seamlessly ties into your everyday routine.

As a smart home company that serves the Lebanon, TN, area, we at Symspire understand it can be hard for homeowners to determine the first steps toward home automation. Ask yourself the following questions to decide what kind of smart home project suits your needs.

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Strengthen Your Security Camera System with Video Analytics


Discover How Video Analytics Work & How to Get Started

Typically, when security cameras detect activity, they send a notification to your phone right away. That’s convenient—until it’s pinging you several times a day about the cat walking on the porch or a car driving by on the street. 

Too many alerts might lead you to ignore or mute notifications altogether. But then you run the risk of missing an important alert. So how can homeowners use their smart security camera system to stay safe—without going crazy? Two words: video analytics.

With video analytic software incorporated in your smart cameras, you’ll cut back on false alarms and will only be notified about activity that matters. Whether you’re protecting one home or several properties, makes it easier to manage notifications through video analytics. We’ll share how intelligent cameras work and your options for your Nashville, TN home below. 

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What Does Video Analytics Do?

Video analytic software lets your system notify you about certain camera events while ignoring less important activities.’s video analytics are highly customizable and recognize the difference between people, animals, and vehicles. Video analytics make it easier to search through footage, too, if you need to find evidence later on. 

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Control4 for Music Lovers: Multi-Room Speaker Systems


Connect All Your Indoor & Outdoor Speakers to One Sophisticated System

Here’s an experiment to try at home. Next time you’re preparing dinner, whether that’s in the kitchen or at the grill, put on some feel-good music at a comfortable volume. You’ll likely notice your family’s mood brighten, and they might linger nearby longer, talking and possibly laughing together.

Music always has the power to lift our spirits. Whether your Gallatin, TN, household listens to Fleetwood Mac or The Weeknd (or both), there’s no better way to enjoy music and podcasts than over a multi-room speaker system. And to easily group and control your speakers, a Control4 smart home controller unites them all.

Control4 is one of the leading smart home systems worldwide and can automate everything from lighting to heating and cooling. In this blog, we’ll highlight how to use Control4 for whole-home audio systems.

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Getting Started: Control4 Smart Systems for Home Builders


We Answer Your Questions About Designing and Building with Home Automation

Smart homes aren’t just the future—they’re here. If you’re a home builder, are you prepared to provide an automated home for your clients?

The way we build houses today is vastly different from even five years ago. Now we must think carefully about pre-wiring, not just for electricity, but for the internet and audio. Wiring is not only about being up to code. It’s about how the homeowners will actually live and use technology for convenience and entertainment.

Smart systems like Control4 let luxury homeowners access their homes from anywhere in the world, right from the Control4 app. Whether you build single-family residences, luxury apartments, or even commercial buildings, a Control4 system will put your Murfreesboro, TN-area business ahead of the competition.

Read on to see why partnering with a Control4 installer will improve your building projects.

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