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What Are the Advantages of an Outdoor AV System?


Outdoor Entertainment Is an All-New Experience with a Professionally Installed System

There’s nothing like lounging by the pool or sharing drinks by the fire while music trickles through the air. Many people want to or already use outdoor entertainment in their backyards—but don’t realize its full potential. 

Portable outdoor speakers sound tinny, thin, and can’t reach all ends of your lawn. For outdoor video, you might hang a sheet and turn on a portable projector, only to disassemble it later that evening. DIY wireless solutions can only take outdoor entertainment so far. 

When you own a professionally installed outdoor AV system, music, media, and beautiful outdoor lighting are all at your fingertips. Here’s how an outdoor AV system works and can benefit your Nashville, TN home.

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Enjoy Higher-Quality Audio

With a complete outdoor AV system, we’ll wire a series of outdoor loudspeakers to an amplifier and smart controller. Unlike wireless ‘active’ speakers, ‘passive’ loudspeakers don’t include an internal amplifier. As a result, passive outdoor speakers last decades longer than wireless active speakers and are easier to update and fix should any problems arise with them.

When we install an outdoor AV system, we’ll include high-end, weatherproof speakers that blanket your yard in music. The more speakers you own, the fewer audio gaps there will be. More speakers also mean you won’t have to crank the volume to hear music clearly. Outdoor audio can be synced to indoor speakers, too, so whether you’re listening to ‘70s rock or today’s pop hits, nothing is ever out of earshot.

Connect to Outdoor TV

Outdoor entertainment doesn’t stop with audio. Trade the living room couch for the patio when you own a weatherproof, ultra-bright outdoor TV. And imagine controlling it from the same system as your outdoor speakers. You can enjoy shows and movies during the day with glare-resistant screens, and at night, the display intelligently adapts to a comfortable brightness level. We can sync your outdoor speakers to the outdoor flatscreen display, so you can still hear gameplay commentary even if you’re in the pool. 

Control & Automate from One System

With your outdoor technology integrated into one system, you’ll access speakers, TVs, landscape lighting, and even pool controls from the same app or remote. You’re free to create custom scenes, like “Patio” that, through one press of a button, set the lights to a cozy ambiance and play a specific playlist over backyard speakers. At the end of the night, turn everything off in a single command.

Outdoor AV systems simplify the backyard experience, inspiring homeowners to use their entertainment technology more often. When it’s this easy and immersive, your family will spend more evenings outside than ever.

Are you interested in outdoor audio, video, or lighting? Symspire is your destination for outdoor AV installations in Middle Tennessee. Contact us here to get started today!

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