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How Can You Personalize Your Home Security System?


Find a Solution That Matches Your Family’s Unique Needs and Priorities

Getting the most out of your home security system requires some planning. Instead of relying on one-size-fits-all retail packages, you need to invest in one designed to match your family, property, and lifestyle. Do you know how many cameras you need? Or how you want to manage your system? Before deciding on a solution for your Nashville home, you should check out the ways you can personalize your security for better protection and peace of mind.

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Commit to a Full Needs Analysis

There are a variety of basic packages that offer a set number of sensors, locks, and cameras and call it a day. This is never an effective way to protect your home. You should have a security professional inspect your space to help you find your most vulnerable areas and the best way to cover them. Our team can help you figure out the security components you need and where to place them. Beyond that, we’ll guide you on how to implement some of the customizable features outlined below.

Find the Ideal Control Device

One of the reasons we work with for our security systems is that they offer intuitive solutions. You can discard those confusing and outdated panels. Lock doors, view surveillance and set access restrictions from one device. The best part? You choose whichever method you want to use; whether it’s a smartphone, desktop, or even smart watch. It’s easy to add a new option down the line if you feel something makes more sense once you start using the system.

Create Unique Alerts for Family

One of our clients’ favorite security features is getting real-time alerts on their phones. Not only is this incredibly convenient, but it’s also one great opportunity to customize the system. Through your security app, you set your preferences. You can also take advantage of our monitoring services to alert a professional when something happens.

What do you want to know about most when you’re not home? Do you just want to know if a security or fire alarm went off? Do you want to you know if you left a door open? Do you want to know when your kids make it back from school? You set your priorities and change them as needed.

Expand Beyond Basic Security

One way to take your security beyond common one-size-fits-all solutions is to add more features. Incorporate other technology to enhance your family’s safety. During our initial walk-through consultation, we let you know if lighting, intercom systems, or motorized shades could be useful.

Lighting control particularly plays a significant role in your security. Have landscape lighting turn on at sunset to illuminate your exteriors or have lights guide the way to the nearest exit during a fire alarm.

Nothing is more important than keeping your family safe, so why settle for a cookie-cutter solution? Work with our team of professionals that identifies your needs and vulnerabilities and builds a system that addresses them directly.

To get started, call us 615-332-0093 or reach out to one of our live chat representatives on the bottom right of your screen.

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