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4 Unique Ways to Use Your Home Security System Systems Can Do Much More Than Security 

Most people know (or can guess) that is a home security brand. Its solutions include alarms, surveillance cameras, and mobile alerts—but that’s not all. 

An system can be used for much more than its security features. Of course, a home security installation is an invaluable addition to your Nashville, TN home and will keep your family protected 24/7. But how else can you use 

Read on to discover four lesser-known features from! 

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1. Improve Your Home’s Heating & Cooling

The drawback of most thermostats is that it only knows the temperature of one room. It has no idea that the dining room is still chilly while the living room is getting warm! 

That’s where’s smart thermostats and temperature sensors make all the difference. With sensors placed around the house, your thermostat will know the temperature of other rooms and can now deliver precise heating or AC levels. Every room will be comfortable, and it’s all controlled from the same system!

2. Record Family Moments 

Why not use your surveillance cameras for some fun? Whether you’re throwing a surprise party or pulling a prank, you can capture it all on your outdoor or indoor cameras. Then, through your system, you can playback the video and save it to relive years from now. 

3. Control Lights & Shades

Yes, your smart system can automate and control your home’s lighting and shading, too! From the app, you can turn off every light in the house as you step out for the day or program specific lights to activate automatically at sunset. 

Plus, automated lights and window shades can make it look like someone’s home even when you’re not. So, when you’re away on vacation, your house won’t appear dark and vulnerable to theft.

4. Prevent Leaks & Floods

It only takes a few minutes for a leaking pipe to cause thousands of dollars in damage. But’s Smart Water Valve+Meter can detect unexpected or excessive water damage and shut off your water supply. You can turn off your water supply manually, too, right from the interface. So, whether you’re home or away, you can catch leaks anywhere in the house and prevent disaster’s versatile features make managing a home easier than ever. Are you interested in for your Nashville residence? Symspire is an dealer and installer based in Middle Tennessee. 

Contact us here to get started today! 

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