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Help Your Office Stand Out with Commercial Lighting Controls

A small office space at night with commercial lighting control.

Save Money and Improve Working Conditions with Lighting Automation

In a competitive business environment, commercial property owners and tenants seek ways to improve their operations and grow their bottom line. One way to achieve these goals is by installing commercial lighting control systems. These systems can significantly reduce electricity bills and create a more appealing work environment—especially when paired with energy-efficient and health-boosting LED lighting.

Continue reading to learn how commercial lighting control systems can benefit businesses in the Nashville and Middle Tennessee area.

Improve Outdoor Security with Surveillance Camera Installation

A man speaking into a walkie talkie while watching security camera feeds on multiple screens.

Why Outdoor Cameras Are a Critical Piece of a Robust Home Security Plan

Homeowners in Nashville and Middle Tennessee can benefit from surveillance camera installations both inside and outside their homes. Having cameras inside can catch criminals in the act, while having cameras outside your home may work to deter such activities in the first place. Essentially, surveillance cameras inside and out deliver a one-two punch to offenders.

Continue reading to learn how an outdoor surveillance camera installation can improve your home security strategy and provide greater peace of mind.

Let’s Look at 4 Common Surveillance Camera Types!


Which Fixture Fits Your Surveillance Camera Installation Needs?

When you start looking for surveillance cameras, you might be overwhelmed by all the options, especially with all the new technology available today. You’ll see a plethora of camera shapes and models that can get confusing if you don’t understand the unique advantages of each, or where to place them to protect your home.

Fortunately, Symspire is here to help you decode popular types and how to best use them in a surveillance camera installation. We’ll take away the guesswork out of four popular cameras: the dome, bullet, turret, and point-tilt-zoom, and the ideal placement for each. By the time you finish this blog, we expect you’ll think of a place for each type somewhere on your Franklin, TN, property.

How Surpasses Basic Surveillance Camera Installations


See all the options you have with as an all-in-one solution!

We could refer you to a few blogs we’ve already written about’s robust surveillance options. After all, that is one of their claims to fame within the industry. But did you know that you could implement as a standalone solution for everything security, including alarm equipment, controls, cameras and more?

At Symspire, we choose our partner technology brands carefully for their quality, flexibility and ease of use, and is no exception. Keep reading to see some diverse offerings offers homeowners and what you should know about each one.

Whether you just want to pick out a few elements to implement in your surveillance camera installation, or you want your Hendersonville, TN, home fully decked out with their security suite, we at Symspire want you to know all your options. Explore’s various solutions below and let us know which devices you’d like to try in your home.

A Look Ahead At The Next Decade’s Home Safety Tools


Get More From Surveillance Camera Installations, Connectivity, Alarms and More

It wasn’t that long ago that smart home automation seemed like a futuristic myth made for a science fiction movie. Now, however, it’s fast and unobtrusive enough to blend right into Spring Hill, TN, homes almost imperceptibly.

We could say the same about our smart home security solutions. The last decade showed us advancements like video doorbells, smart locks, IoT-connected security, voice control, greater surveillance camera installation options, remote access – and other mindblowing developments that prepared the upcoming decade for even more exciting change. Are you ready for it? Read on to see what we expect to see around the corner.

Introduction to Home Surveillance Camera Footage


Learn How You Can Manage Your Captured Video and More!

We’ve talked in detail about how a surveillance camera installation works when you’re looking at it externally, such as how we place them, how to select between common camera types and how we integrate them with your whole-home automation suite.

But how do these cameras assist families living in Brentwood, TN, homes? Now it’s time to take a more behind-the-scenes look at how these devices store information. Specifically, we’ll talk about how video storage works and benefits you, as well as some information regarding local vs. cloud storage and more. Stay tuned!

3 Ways a Surveillance Camera Installation Can Protect You Now


Safety Counts More Than Ever During This Uncertain Time

The middle of March felt surreal for many people in Nashville, the United States and much of the world. We started the month with a booming economy and warmer days. Some of us had vacations planned; we looked forward to family gatherings, spring weddings and graduations — until the words “National Emergency” clouded our screens and disrupted our lives.

During this uncertain time, we’ve learned the value of being prepared, and that goes far beyond stocking your home with toilet paper. We recommend contacting Symspire to bolster your home security now with a surveillance camera installation that lets you monitor every corner of your property while helping you navigate this new normal. Keep reading for three reasons why this security tool provides the key to peace of mind, convenience and social distancing adherence for your Tennessee home. 

Surveillance Camera Installation 101: Where NOT to Place a Camera


How To Always Protect Privacy When Installing Cameras

In previous blogs, we’ve discussed some “do’s” of camera placement: near front doors, in garages, close to prominent side entrances. However, in this blog, we will note that the “don’ts” are also vitally important to something as complex and intelligent as surveillance cameras.

Making one of these security mistakes is easier than we’d like to admit when you’re trying to DIY your surveillance camera installation. And one small mistake could quickly land a homeowner in serious legal trouble.

Today, we’ll teach you what not to do when you’re responsibly protecting your Nashville, TN, home and what our professionals do instead.

What’s Behind a Surveillance Camera Installation?


What to Expect When Hiring a Pro to Design & Install a Surveillance Camera System

With the rise of smart technology, cameras have become more advanced, offering a wide range of features and capabilities that provide homeowners peace of mind and enhanced security. It is no wonder that when it comes to protecting homes in Nashville or the surrounding Middle or Eastern Tennessee areas, nothing beats hiring a professional to help with your next surveillance camera installation

If you are on the fence about it, we can help. Founded in 1968, Symspire is a local, family-owned, full-service security company, so we know a thing or two about home safety. With innovation as one of our core values, we bring our clients across Tennessee the latest smart home surveillance and other technology systems. 

Read on to learn what you must consider for your next smart home surveillance system and why Symspire is the best choice for a top-notch installation.




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