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A Look Ahead At The Next Decade’s Home Safety Tools


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It wasn’t that long ago that smart home automation seemed like a futuristic myth made for a science fiction movie. Now, however, it’s fast and unobtrusive enough to blend right into Spring Hill, TN, homes almost imperceptibly.

We could say the same about our smart home security solutions. The last decade showed us advancements like video doorbells, smart locks, IoT-connected security, voice control, greater surveillance camera installation options, remote access – and other mindblowing developments that prepared the upcoming decade for even more exciting change. Are you ready for it? Read on to see what we expect to see around the corner.

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More Connectivity = Better Security?

You’ve seen 3G and 4G networks: Now, it’s time for 5G. Imagine what you can accomplish with over 100 times increased speed, five times lower latency, more connected devices and seamless connectivity. Due to its increased throughput and data transfer efficiency, 5G will provide a healthy foundation for all of your connected IoT devices to perform better.

According to a recent CNET article, that speed will augment your security: “That faster response time would let your smart home devices trigger notifications and device-to-device automation routines in a more seamless fashion, giving you more time to respond to the real-world events triggering those notifications, or otherwise helping your connected home function more smoothly.”

360-Degree Security Camera Installation

Currently, even the most robust surveillance camera installations have their limits. Many installations feature pan-tilt-zoom cameras because they can easily scan the room, but there’s still a catch: they can only record in one direction until you move them. So, it’s easy to miss important information unless you have an active security team.

In the coming decade, we expect to see more 360-degrees cameras with 4K video resolution becoming a common part of residential installations. There are a couple 360-degree camera options that can be integrated into a home security system.

Some dome fisheye cameras can be placed at the center of the room and get full 360-coverage of the space, though there is some distortion in the image. There are also new multi-image cameras available. These feature four cameras within the same dome, each looking in different directions to offer high-quality 360-degree coverage.

Machine Learning

Machine learning has already advanced to the point where facial recognition now augments both home and commercial security systems. Now, expect to see that facial recognition software use to captured photos and cross-reference them with national databases to identify intruders faster.

The next wave of security could involve greater video analytics: Homeowners will be able to distinguish information as sensitive as whether or not there’s an intruder within a certain perimeter of their house, or if it’s just the neighborhood cat.

Professional Monitoring Won’t Go Away No surprise here: The security pundits don’t see professional monitoring fading into the past. Even as technology advances, we acknowledge that there’s nothing like a friendly voice when you need to hear it most. Our CSAA 5 Diamond Certified monitoring team responds within seconds of your call, whether you have any form of emergency or just need product support.

At Symspire, we think a new decade calls for a modernized security system that you can trust. How do you get started? Call us today at (615) 332-0093, fill out our contact form or leave a message in the chat box in the corner of your browser.

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