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A Control4 Dealer’s Guide to Smart Home OS 3


Everything You Need to Know About Using Control4’s Upgraded Operating System, Now with Video Support!

Maybe you’ve considered upgrading your Control4 system to the new and improved Smart Home OS 3, but you won’t be convinced until you see how it works. Or maybe you’ve already invested in the system, but you’re still a bit new to it and need a useful resource to reference later. We’re convinced this blog will help you in either scenario.

As a Control4 dealer deeply familiar with Control4’s new operating system, we’d love to showcase how to use OS 3’s greatest features so using it in your Brentwood, TN, home feels more intuitive.

Introducing the New Control4 Smart Home OS 3!


Upgrade Every Facet of Home Control with Control4’s Exciting New Operating System

In case you missed the news last month, Control4 has announced its brand-new operating system for its home control systems around the world: Smart Home OS 3. As a leading Control4 installer, we are proud to report OS 3 provides improved customization features that touch every element of your Control4 smart home, from security to your entertainment and far more.

As a Tennessee Control4 dealer based in Nashville, we at Symspire want to share with you the exciting developments OS 3 holds for your Control4 system and detail how you can upgrade your existing Control4 system with the help of our team. Though it’s nearly impossible to narrow down the features of OS 3 we’re most excited about, we’ll share some of the ones that we think will most impact your home control system and why you’ll enjoy them. Read on to see more about this impressive release and how to receive this update.

Control4 Neeo Remote Brings Power, Precision to Your Smart Home


New hardware uses touchscreen and buttons to bring greater simplicity to home automation

With all of the flashy systems and shiny components that make up your home automation system, one device risks falling through the cracks: The humble remote control. No matter how powerful the devices in your home are, if you can’t easily get them to do what you want, you’ll find yourself frustrated. You want a control device that’s sleek and well-designed, but also gives you quick and easy access to any system you want.

Enter the latest offering from Control4: The Neeo remote. The Neeo remote is built to harness and expand the capabilities offered by Control4’s recent OS 3 software update. With a beautiful design and powerful software, the Neeo is a must-have for anyone who currently has or is looking into a Control4 system. As a Control4 dealer, we can walk you through exactly how the Neeo benefits smart home residents in the Hendersonville, TN region.

Getting Started: Control4 Smart Systems for Home Builders


We Answer Your Questions About Designing and Building with Home Automation

Smart homes aren’t just the future—they’re here. If you’re a home builder, are you prepared to provide an automated home for your clients?

The way we build houses today is vastly different from even five years ago. Now we must think carefully about pre-wiring, not just for electricity, but for the internet and audio. Wiring is not only about being up to code. It’s about how the homeowners will actually live and use technology for convenience and entertainment.

Smart systems like Control4 let luxury homeowners access their homes from anywhere in the world, right from the Control4 app. Whether you build single-family residences, luxury apartments, or even commercial buildings, a Control4 system will put your Murfreesboro, TN-area business ahead of the competition.

Read on to see why partnering with a Control4 installer will improve your building projects.

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