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Introducing the New Control4 Smart Home OS 3!


Upgrade Every Facet of Home Control with Control4’s Exciting New Operating System

In case you missed the news last month, Control4 has announced its brand-new operating system for its home control systems around the world: Smart Home OS 3. As a leading Control4 installer, we are proud to report OS 3 provides improved customization features that touch every element of your Control4 smart home, from security to your entertainment and far more.

As a Tennessee Control4 dealer based in Nashville, we at Symspire want to share with you the exciting developments OS 3 holds for your Control4 system and detail how you can upgrade your existing Control4 system with the help of our team. Though it’s nearly impossible to narrow down the features of OS 3 we’re most excited about, we’ll share some of the ones that we think will most impact your home control system and why you’ll enjoy them. Read on to see more about this impressive release and how to receive this update.

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Unparalleled User-Friendliness and Control

If convenience and ease of use prompted you to make a Control4 smart home investment, you’ll swoon over the user-friendliness crafted into every corner of OS 3. The upgraded system provides more than 1,000 upgrades to enjoy, some sweeping and others a little more discreet, all featuring an ingenious ability to streamline your smart home’s elements.

Control4’s OS 3 allows you to access as little or as much detail as you prefer with its new “Favorites” update. Big-picture people might just want easy access to view the front door camera, the lights in the kitchen and the music that’s playing, instead of wading through more data than they choose to see. You now can “Favorite” those icons for quick access. But detail-oriented homeowners will be happy to learn that it’s all still there: You can view, control and fine-tune every camera, light and shade in your house, just like with previous versions of Control4’s operating systems.

OS 3’s portrait-mode scrolling feature provides a comprehensive view of smart home elements, with the most relevant info front and center. Your control interface will feel just as intuitive as the one on your smartphone, with large icons that you can quickly remove, add, shift and “love.”

Top Features to Explore

The OS 3 updates you most appreciate will depend on your priorities, but we were astounded by the grid-style formatting on screen, which displays rows and columns of your most frequently-used icons. We also love the designer-inspired and endlessly customizable wallpaper options you can use on each control screen. Add some art, a dog photo or virtually anything else to show off your style.

In the top-right of your grid, you’ll find a favorite feature among its first users: Media Sessions. Media Sessions shows a global view of all the entertainment playing in your home, both audio and video. Adjust volume, skip songs, pause movies or power everything down instantly.

Of course, we can’t fail to mention OS 3’s safety offerings. Users can glance up and see which doors are locked or unlocked, and which entries are armed, without tapping anything. When combined with other Control4 safety features like Intercom Anywhere, When>>Then and smart locks, you’re guaranteed a more user-friendly safety experience and, more importantly, more peace of mind.

How Can You Get Control4 OS 3 for Your Smart Home?

If you already have a Control4 system installed at your Nashville-area home and want to upgrade your existing setup to OS 3, the first step you can take to upgrade your system is to reach out to Symspire, your local Control4 dealer. We can upgrade all of your system’s hardware and software to OS 3 and provide you with training so you know how to make the most of the OS 3 user interface.

Perhaps you’re new to Control4! If so, then you’ve reached the right place! As a Control4 dealerwe can discuss with you all the system’s benefits during a pressure-free consultation and identify opportunity areas within your home. To learn more about our home security and smart home offerings, call us at 615-332-0093, contact us here, or click on the chat box on the lower-right corner of your browser. We look forward to hearing from you!

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