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How Secure Is Your City?


Many people move out to the suburbs in order to move to a safer area, and for the most part, the suburbs are safer. Recently the National Council for Home Safety and Security ranked the safest cities with a population over 10,000 in Tennessee. They looked at the average crime rates per 1,000 people and in two different kinds of crime: violent crime and property crime. Overall in the state the violent crime rate was 9.45 and the average property crime rate was 39.33 per 1,000.

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Protecting What Matters Most: Why Monitoring Services Are Important


You’ve probably seen an ad or promotion recently for some type of DIY Security System. Often billed as unmonitored or self-monitored systems, the ads appeal to your desire to provide a safe and secure environment for your family. They promote the ease of installation, the limited investment, and sometimes the convenience of a broadband Internet connection. It sounds like a good deal, but is it really?

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Every Second Matters


It’s the middle of the night, everyone has been in bed for hours, and your home is completely dark. You suddenly hear your backdoor forced open! Your security alarm triggers with violent ringing and you know that your family’s safety is on the line. Time is of the essence.

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