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Custom Builders: Partner with a Smart Home Company for These Solutions


Ensure Proper Planning, Design, & Installation for Smart Homes

More than ever, luxury homes and apartment buildings are being built with smart technology in mind. But to make the most of automation, homeowners and building project managers would be wise to install smart technology before construction is finished—not after.

Why? Hardwired systems are much more reliable and can achieve more than wireless plug-and-play devices. With wires installed within the walls, all a homeowner will see is a clean and aesthetically pleasing room with devices already connected to the smart home network.

To pull off a modern smart home installation, home builders, architects, and designers should partner with a smart home company as early as possible in the project. Read on to learn how Symspire can bring innovative technology to home builds in the Franklin, TN, area.

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Life Before & After Control4 Home Automation


Discover the Control4 Way of Life

Are you interested in bringing whole-home automation to your Nashville, TN life? There are many smart systems to choose from, but at Symspire, our preferred manufacturer is Control4.

Control4 is a smart home controller that collectively manages and automates all your home’s subsystems. From audio speakers to lighting to even pool controls, you can control it all from the Control4 system—even if you’re miles away from home.

Sounds promising, right? Still, many people ask us if Control4 home automation is “worth it.” This blog will compare what life is like with Control4—and without it. Then you can be the judge!

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Why Smart Homes Fail & How a Professional Can Help


How to Own the Smart Home of Your Dreams

The online magazine Fast Company recently published an article titled ‘The Smart Home Is Failing as a Concept—Because It Sucks.’ In it, Jared Newman laments that smart home devices often do not work, saying, “Just this week…the two Alexa-connected blinds in my bedroom failed to roll down at their scheduled time.”

He continues, “The SmartThings lights in my bedroom don’t work with Apple’s Siri assistant, and my Tilt blinds only work with Alexa.” His devices aren’t compatible and integrated together—and that’s his first mistake.

DIY smart devices aren’t built for integration and compatibility. Running a collection of smart gadgets connected to a voice assistant is not a “smart home.” A truly automated home requires a professionally installed and hardwired system that runs on the same network. Sophisticated smart home controllers like Control4 are not found on Amazon or at Best Buy. But for the homeowner who’s serious about luxury living with smart technology, using anything less will only lead to headaches.

In this blog, we’ll share how working with a smart home company can deliver the quality smart home results you desire. And if you’re located in the Nashville, TN, area, you can find all the home automation solutions you need from Symspire.

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Should I DIY Home Automation or Hire a Smart Home Company?


These 3 Questions Will Help You Find the Best Solution

If you’re interested in a personalized smart home system, you’re faced with a decision: do you do the installation yourself or hire a professional?

That depends on what type of smart home experience you’re looking for. If you’re interested in only one or two smart features, you may be fine with a DIY setup. But for a fully automated household, a smart home professional can program and install a sophisticated system that seamlessly ties into your everyday routine.

As a smart home company that serves the Lebanon, TN, area, we at Symspire understand it can be hard for homeowners to determine the first steps toward home automation. Ask yourself the following questions to decide what kind of smart home project suits your needs.

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Getting Started: Control4 Smart Systems for Home Builders


We Answer Your Questions About Designing and Building with Home Automation

Smart homes aren’t just the future—they’re here. If you’re a home builder, are you prepared to provide an automated home for your clients?

The way we build houses today is vastly different from even five years ago. Now we must think carefully about pre-wiring, not just for electricity, but for the internet and audio. Wiring is not only about being up to code. It’s about how the homeowners will actually live and use technology for convenience and entertainment.

Smart systems like Control4 let luxury homeowners access their homes from anywhere in the world, right from the Control4 app. Whether you build single-family residences, luxury apartments, or even commercial buildings, a Control4 system will put your Murfreesboro, TN-area business ahead of the competition.

Read on to see why partnering with a Control4 installer will improve your building projects.

SEE ALSO: Do I Need an Electric Contractor for a Smart Home System?

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Do I Need an Electric Contractor for a Smart Home System?


The Electrical Side of Home Automation

Before you can enjoy exciting smart home features like motorized shades, whole-home audio, and security devices, you may require services by a residential electric contractor. If your home isn’t properly wired with low-voltage wiring, you won’t be able to automate a large automation system across your Franklin, TN property.

But what is an electric contractor, and what do they do? We get asked this question a lot! We’ll break down the electric contractor’s role in home automation so you can find the solutions you need.

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Here’s What a Smart Home Company Really Does


What to Expect from a High-End Smart Home Installation

Smart homes aren’t a work of science fiction or fantasy; and your smart home doesn’t have to look like an ultra-modern spaceship. Homeowners are already enjoying the luxurious convenience of smart home systems that blend into their house’s interior seamlessly.

Imagine tapping “Good Morning” on your phone and watching lights turn on, shades rise, and the thermostat adjust automatically. Your coffee pot can even start brewing! It’s all possible with a comprehensive smart system. One can buy ‘smart’ devices like a video doorbell or voice-activated speaker, but it isn’t a truly smart home without a central hub connecting them all.

We share below what a smart home company does to create the best experience possible for your Gallatin, TN lifestyle. 

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Home Builders: What You Need to Know About Whole Home Automation


Factor in the Smart Technology That New Homeowners Desire

Modern homebuyers are willing to pay more for properties with existing whole home automation. If you’re a home builder, are you making the most of your projects by factoring smart technology into the designs?

The best time to consider home automation technology is before anything’s been constructed, in the planning stage. We’re more connected than ever, and it’s safe to say that home automation isn’t a fad. Homeowners are starting to see their technology as an intrinsic part of the house.

As a home automation installer servicing Gallatin, TN, and the surrounding areas, we’ll share what home builders need to know about getting started with smart tech.

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Introducing the New Control4 Smart Home OS 3!


Upgrade Every Facet of Home Control with Control4’s Exciting New Operating System

In case you missed the news last month, Control4 has announced its brand-new operating system for its home control systems around the world: Smart Home OS 3. As a leading Control4 installer, we are proud to report OS 3 provides improved customization features that touch every element of your Control4 smart home, from security to your entertainment and far more.

As a Tennessee Control4 dealer based in Nashville, we at Symspire want to share with you the exciting developments OS 3 holds for your Control4 system and detail how you can upgrade your existing Control4 system with the help of our team. Though it’s nearly impossible to narrow down the features of OS 3 we’re most excited about, we’ll share some of the ones that we think will most impact your home control system and why you’ll enjoy them. Read on to see more about this impressive release and how to receive this update.

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Why Are Network Installation Services Essential for Smart Homes?


Protect Your Investment with a High-quality Home Network Installation

If you have multiple internet-connected devices installed in your Nashville-area smart home, chances are, your home network feels some fatigue from all the competing information clogging up your available bandwidth. Can your network currently support the complex requirements of connected A/V, security, lighting and more? A customized network plan that allows you to enjoy all of your favorite capabilities without any lag time or security breaches might be necessary.

With a few adjustments to your system, Symspire’s network installation services can boost your Nashville-area integrated home, preparing it for an extensive home automation system. Ready to see what a robust home network can do for you? Keep reading for some details.

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Prepare for Summer with Our Outdoor Residential Electric Services


How Can Symspire Spruce Up Your Outdoor Living Spaces?

Somehow, we’re already nearing the end of April, even though it seems as though the new year started just days ago. Next month, we’ll start the first of the summer holidays with Memorial Day. Are your outdoor spaces, such as your pool, patio and porch, ready for all your plans?

As the Nashville weather rapidly heats up, we at Symspire are preparing for many residential electric services, both indoor and outdoor, for Middle Tennessee homeowners. Today, we’ll look into some of the outdoor electric services we offer so you can leave it to the professionals and inch one step closer to summer relaxation.

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