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Here’s What a Smart Home Company Really Does


What to Expect from a High-End Smart Home Installation

Smart homes aren’t a work of science fiction or fantasy; and your smart home doesn’t have to look like an ultra-modern spaceship. Homeowners are already enjoying the luxurious convenience of smart home systems that blend into their house’s interior seamlessly.

Imagine tapping “Good Morning” on your phone and watching lights turn on, shades rise, and the thermostat adjust automatically. Your coffee pot can even start brewing! It’s all possible with a comprehensive smart system. One can buy ‘smart’ devices like a video doorbell or voice-activated speaker, but it isn’t a truly smart home without a central hub connecting them all.

We share below what a smart home company does to create the best experience possible for your Gallatin, TN lifestyle. 

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Builds the Foundation of Your Smart System

No matter the scope of your automation system, it will have the same basic foundation. You’ll need wiring that connects all your smart lights, security devices, audio, and more to link them back to the central controller. We’ll construct an equipment rack that houses your router, network switch, music system, and smart home controller. If you have any technology outdoors, we’ll use external-grade cables to last through any weather.

We’ll not only centralize your smart system’s equipment, but color code the cables with clear labels. This will make it easier to expand your system in the future.

Designs Home Network & System Layout

A smart home installer is mindful of where network jacks and wireless access points will be necessary to connect all your home’s technology. A mix of wired and wireless connections will ensure you aren’t slowing down Wi-Fi while letting necessary devices stay flexibly wireless.

Programs Smart Scenes

Now for the fun part. One of our certified Control4 technicians will program scenes that you can schedule or activate at any moment. “Movie Time” might set your lights to the perfect level, lower the projector screen, and descend motorized shades. “Away” will arm your alarms, power off all technology, and turn on a few landscape lights. The possibilities are infinite!

Provides Maintenance & Support

If you go the DIY route, you’re on your own if anything goes wrong. But by working with a professional like Symspire, we’re just a call away to assist you if anything goes wrong in your system. Luxury homes with hundreds or thousands of connected lights and devices are sure to experience technical issues from time to time. It requires a professional’s expertise to manage a robust smart home like that.

Are you ready to enhance your beautiful Tennessee home with a smart system? For the best results, contact Symspire today. Chat with us below or send us a message here. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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