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Going Beyond Security with Smart Home Features


Enhance the Entire Home with Symspire’s Smart Home Services

All across the nation, homeowners are discovering the benefits of smart home living. With those advanced technologies comes more apps, remote, and other control options, and managing everything in such a spread-out, chaotic way can feel overwhelming sometimes. Instead, contact a smart home services provider like Symspire to bring everything together.

Though we’re well known for our security and surveillance solutions, we’re also a smart home services provider at the forefront of the smarter lifestyle revolution.

Below, we delve into these innovative services and see why they are a perfect fit for homes in Nashville or the surrounding Middle Tennessee area.

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Smart Home Automation: The Heart of Modern Living

Symspire’s property-wide approach to a fully integrated and easily controlled automated home brings everything together. Imagine controlling lighting, climate, entertainment, and security all from a single interface. This level of automation not only simplifies life but also enhances the functionality of your home, so it’s an intelligent partner in your family’s daily routines.

Set the Perfect Ambiance with Intelligent Lighting

Lighting sets the mood for your home. Symspire’s intelligent lighting solutions offer the ability to control and customize interior and exterior lighting like never before. From dimming lights for a movie night to automating lights to match the time of day, these systems provide both aesthetic and practical benefits that bring elegance and efficiency to every room.

Automatic Shades Blend Style with Convenience

Motorized shades and blinds are the perfect marriage of style and convenience. With one button tap or prescheduled setting, you’ll enhance your home's beauty while contributing to energy savings. Control the natural light in any space, adding comfort and privacy and protecting your interiors from harmful UV rays.

Climate Control Adds Comfort

Middle Tennessee’s weather can be unpredictable, but your home’s comfort shouldn't be. With climate control solutions, every room remains at the perfect temperature year-round. These systems go beyond comfort and are all about efficiency, helping homeowners save on energy costs while maintaining an ideal living environment.

Going Beyond Traditional Safety Measures

While our company is notable for providing advanced security solutions throughout Middle and Eastern Tennessee, our offerings go beyond traditional safety measures and alarms. Comprehensive systems integrate surveillance, alarms, and access control, providing peace of mind with advanced technologies like real-time monitoring and remote access.

Bring a Cinematic Experience to Your Living Room

A home theater and media room delivers a personalized cinematic experience for movie enthusiasts and casual viewers alike. High-quality audio and visual components, combined with custom design, transform your living room into a personal cinema, offering the perfect escape for entertainment lovers.

Build the Backbone of a Connected Home

In today's connected world, a robust network is essential. Your home should have strategically designed wired and wireless connections for strong, reliable coverage. This infrastructure serves as the backbone for all your smart home technologies! 

Symspire’s smart home services, professional designs, and expert installation empower homeowners looking to elevate their daily lives! Get ready to transform your home into a haven of convenience, comfort, and entertainment by contacting us here.

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