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The 2 Types of Homes That Need a Residential Electric Contractor’s Help


Plus, How Brentwood’s Top Professionals Can Impact Your Home’s Safety and Functionality

A professional electrical infrastructure is key to a high-functioning and safe smart home. All the flashy features that comprise an integrated home often take precedence over the humble wiring, but don’t overlook your home’s “smart” foundation — whether you’re building or upgrading!

Symspire’s expert residential electric contractors know the ins and outs of both the electrical side and AV side of the job – so you only have to call one trusted source for any need that arises. Symspire can assist with your electrical needs if you haven’t implemented smart home technology yet.

Though every home could use a professional’s opinion when gauging electrical needs, two particular types of homes need updates more urgently. Curious? Read on to see if you own one of the home types we discuss below!

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Reasons You Should Call A Pro

Did you know that faulty wiring is the second-leading cause of residential fires (followed by electrical distribution)? That’s right: You can prevent most fires in your home simply by updating your electrical system. Also, faulty wiring can physically harm people living in your home, so don’t wait to get any burned-out wires fixed!

But since electrical needs so often go undetected, sometimes it’s hard to know that’s something’s wrong early enough. What are some signs to look for? Common issues include the following:

· A new automation system (especially if it’s DIY) requires more energy

· Fuses repeatedly blow and breakers trip

· A tingling sensation when you touch a device

· Lights flicker on and off

· Outlets look discolored, warm, or are sparking

· Two-pronged, ungrounded outlets are in your home

· There are ground fault circuit interrupters in kitchen and bathroom outlets

· Your electrical panel feels warm

· You have aluminum wiring rather than copper

Old Homes Require Upgrades. Here’s Why!
If your house was built in the 1970s or earlier, many of the above signs apply to you. It’s time to evaluate your electrical needs. Wire insulation deteriorates over the years. Also remember that industry standards have changed: 60 amps used to be the norm, but today’s houses often need 200 amps to run TVs, speakers and other AV devices. A lack of power can damage sensitive devices if the voltage drops off.

New Homes Need Professional Assistance, Too
Are you building new?Working with an experienced electrical team before your walls even go up provides significant advantages. Our team will run wires, install circuit breakers and give your home the strong foundation that it needs to be scaled up later.

Once we’ve finished, you’ll enjoy an electrical setup that’s efficient, safe and allows for even the most ambitious system expansion. We base our electrical wiring on a grid that we can modify as you develop your smart home. As a premium safety and surveillance company, rest assured that our installations always meet local and national codes.

Contact Us Today!
Ready for reliable electrical wiring that minimizes risk to your smart home and the people who live there? Our team of electrical contractors looks forward to helping you! Feel free to chat live with us below or contact us here to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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