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Why Choose a Professional Home Theater Company? 4 Key Reasons


Don’t Settle for a DIY Build of This High-Potential Space

Many people dream of installing a home theater in their Tennessee homes. Now that you have fewer opportunities to enjoy Nashville’s live entertainment, and you might feel less comfortable going to the cineplex, look more closely into what you can enjoy at home.

But before you rush out to buy and install a big TV or the most expensive speakers that big-box store salespeople convince you to take home, we suggest at least talking to the experts at Middle Tennessee’s premium home theater company, Symspire. Read on for four convincing reasons why you should work with a professional AV specialist for this critical space.

All You Need to Know About Dolby Atmos for Home Theaters


The Ultimate Surround Sound Experience

Have you ever seen a movie trailer on TV that ended with “now playing in Dolby Atmos”? Or seen a Blu-ray with “Dolby Atmos” printed on the back? Surely it means something high-end and high-quality, but what does Dolby Atmos really mean?

That’s what we’re here to explain. As a home theater company based in Nashville, TN, we regularly install surround sound systems with Dolby Atmos speakers. Read on to learn how Dolby Atmos will amplify your home theater experience.



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