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All You Need to Know About Dolby Atmos for Home Theaters


The Ultimate Surround Sound Experience

Have you ever seen a movie trailer on TV that ended with “now playing in Dolby Atmos”? Or seen a Blu-ray with “Dolby Atmos” printed on the back? Surely it means something high-end and high-quality, but what does Dolby Atmos really mean?

That’s what we’re here to explain. As a home theater company based in Nashville, TN, we regularly install surround sound systems with Dolby Atmos speakers. Read on to learn how Dolby Atmos will amplify your home theater experience.

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First, a Brief History of Dolby Atmos  

In London, 1965, a man named Ray Dolby founded Dolby Laboratories, Inc., a company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio compression. In 1976, Dolby moved from London to San Francisco and eventually shifted the company’s focus to improving film sound. The first film to feature Dolby noise reduction was A Clockwork Orange, and 1976’s A Star Is Born was the first to use Dolby’s left-center-right-surround encoding technique.

Dolby went on to develop a digital compression technology that lets audio be translated into surround sound speakers. In 2012, it introduced Dolby Atmos, a new surround sound format that adds overhead audio to the soundscape. The first movie ever made with Dolby Atmos was Pixar’s Brave. And the first TV show? Game of Thrones. In 2019, Dolby began adding Dolby Atmos to songs in the music industry, with everyone from The Weeknd to Taylor Swift.

Dolby Atmos: What Does It Do?  

Dolby Atmos expands upon existing 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound setups by adding audio not only around the listener, but above, too. Upward-firing Dolby Atmos speakers allow audio to move freely across the room rather than stay restricted in specific channels. You’ll find yourself in a ‘bubble’ of three-dimensional sound, where music, sound effects, and dialogue can travel from all angles, not just left and right.

How to Install Dolby Atmos  

You can approach Dolby Atmos audio in two ways. The first method is by installing on- or in-ceiling speakers. The second option is mounting upward-firing Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers on the wall. You’ll need a Dolby Atmos AV receiver to send the right audio signals to each speaker. And when it’s showtime, make sure your streaming services and media players support Dolby Atmos formats. Then you’re all set to bring immersive audio to your private cinema!

If you’re ready for superior sound in your Nashville home theater, you don’t have to take on the installation alone. Symspire is a professional home theater company that loves film just as much as you do. We design, program, and install finished luxury home cinemas across Middle Tennessee.

Contact us here or send us a message below to get started on your surround sound system!

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