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Does My Home Need a Smart Security Camera System?


When Home Surveillance Is Worth the Investment.

Security cameras: are they a necessity or not? Oftentimes, there’s no way to know how a smart security camera system will pay off in the long run. Someday a burglar might be searching for a target, but they will decide to look elsewhere once they see your cameras. You’ll never know what could have been lost without your camera system.

If you’re contemplating a security installation on your Lebanon, TN property, let us help you decide. We’ll share when cameras will help and what models to look out for below.

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When Security Cameras Help  

If You’ve Experienced an Incident  

It only takes one incident to suddenly feel uneasy in your neighborhood. Maybe you were rear-ended by a neighbor’s car with no evidence, or perhaps someone broke into the house while you were away. Whatever happened, you need to restore your sense of security. A surveillance system can provide that assurance.

If you hear a noise thump on the porch while you’re in bed, check your camera on your phone. You may find it’s only a raccoon or skunk in the dark. Today’s cameras with video analytics can tell when there’s a stranger on the property and won’t bother you with false alarms about the dog. You’ll feel confident that if anything were to happen, you would know.

New to the Neighborhood  

New homeowners can struggle to settle in and sleep soundly in a new place. Before your next move, plan to implement a surveillance system to put your mind at ease. Many homeowners report that having security cameras “just feels better.” You’ll be comfortable at home in no time.

Stay on Top of Deliveries 

Eagerly awaiting a package for your spouse’s birthday? Use your security cameras to track if the mail carrier has arrived yet. If a package is reported delivered but you don’t see a box anywhere, you can tell the delivery service that you have video evidence of no delivery. They’ll be more likely to assist you with this knowledge. And if someone swipes your package? Provide footage to support your stolen mail claim.

Check on Home Visitors  

Whether you’ve hired a pet sitter or gardener, security cameras can help you stay on top of who’s coming and going each day. If you’re anxious to leave pets for a week or more, remotely check in to ensure everything is okay at home. We can sync indoor and outdoor cameras to the same system app so you can cover the whole property.

Deter Any Potential Crime  

People don’t like being filmed, criminals especially. The presence of cameras alone on your property should help prevent any suspicious behavior. If it doesn’t? You have evidence against whoever trespassed on your property.

What Cameras to Look For  

We recommend using nothing less than HD cameras with night vision. Wired cameras with power over ethernet (PoE) are typically more reliable than wireless, but if you decide to go with Wi-Fi cameras, we recommend strengthening your home network signal. Make sure you have several days of backup storage available, preferably stored locally and on the cloud. Symspire can find the best equipment and setup for your system.

Are you looking for smart security solutions in Middle Tennessee? Contact Symspire here to get started on your home system today. We’d be happy to walk you through your options with a no-obligation consultation.

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